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    Straight Male / 35

    I am 35 yrs old living by myself. I have girlfriend relationship off and on but never got marry. I am the kind of guy like to do thing at the spare of a moment without telling anybody and when you have a girlfriend you have to tell her or report to her whatever you are going to do. Well with me I don't care for that so I am still living by myself. One day my mom called and said dad had passed away and she need me to come home to help her with the funeral service. I knew dad was in bad health it was just a matter of time. I flew home to help mom out. I figure I would be home for about a week and told my boss I would be gone for awhile.

    I got home saw my mom was in bad shape, I knew I would be doing most of the funeral service arrangement. I didn't have any problem getting it done it was just a small service with few friends. Anyway as days gone by I try comfort her as much as I can. At the end of the day I shower and gone to one of the spare bedroom and rest watching TV. I like to wear my boxer after shower just sitting at the end of the bed.

    My mom came knocking on the door and ask if she could come in. She was feeling lonely and need comforting. I said sure, she came in sit next to me in my bed. She said honey I am so sorry to put you up to this I know I am losing it and can't get myself together. I said is okay mom everything is taking care of now just relax. Then she said can I lay down on your bed and relax. I said sure mom, so she lay down with her pj on and minutes later she was snoring sounding asleep. It was getting late so I cuddle up with her and went to sleep together.

    Next morning we got up and she said I am sorry I felt asleep in your bed. I said is fine mom no big deal you were tired and I didn't want to wait you up. She said I haven't have that good a sleep for a long time and can I sleep in your bed tonight. Then I asked her you mean you want to trade bed with me? I sleep in yours and you sleep in mine. She said no I want to sleep with you together cuddling in bed. I said mom I am not a baby anymore I am grown adult. She said you don't want to sleep with mommy, then she start crying. I didn't know what to say but to say yes okay.

    The whole time I am home with mom we were sleeping together. One night I got horny I want to fuck her from behind but I couldn't get her pj off so I give up. Next morning I told her if she want to sleep together she would have to wear her grown without her panties. Then she ask me why and I told her I was horny one night and I wanted to fuck you but I couldn't get your pj off. She said honey I will go to bed nude just for you and I said you would really mom. She said of course you are my baby. So I been fucking mom all these time and she even woke me up one night by sucking my cock.

    After the funeral service mom ask if she could moved in with me. She doesn't like to lived by herself and wanted some company. I told her I work all the time to keep busy and I am not home often except just to sleep. She said that is okay at least I get to see you day to day and we get along so well.

    Now mom is living with me and we are having mother and son relationship. All my co-workers think I am such a nice son taking care of mom when daddy passed away. Little do they know we are lovers and mom is only in her 50's, she still has it. I love fucking her and eating her pussy and she love sucking my cock. She tells me every time when she does it. I love it when she suck my cock she removed her dentures. She would bit down on it tight go in and out of her mouth and at the same time she flickers her tongue inside. It feels like a tight wet pussy with a vibrator inside of her mouth. I have no complaint I love the set up and so does mom.

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    You are now a true motherfucker, lucky dude.
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    What is happening here? This is either a fantasy of someone with poor English skills or a tire story from someone mentally challenged. I'd have to say fantasy based on the fact that you ask your mom to not wear panties cuz you've been trying to have sex in her sleep and the only thing she can think to say is "I'll go nude", as if sex between you is normal.

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