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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Female / 23

    Nearly every day on average, I spend an extra half an hour in my bosses office. I'm supposed to be sorting out his messages and dictating any written commands he wants me to perform, for typing up onto computer later.
    The reason I spend that extra time in his office, is one of the older maintenance guys Mitch, who works at our company has a massive cock. He's nearly sixty, but I don't care as his dick is so fucking big.
    Some days I'll just suck Mitch's gorgeous cock off. Other days if we know my boss is travelling over to our main offices across town, we'll use his desk, or the large leather office couch he has in his office. And fuck like teenagers.
    The first time we had sex, Mitch caught me masturbating sat in my bosses chair. I was watching a short video an ex boyfriend had sent me, of him playing with his cock. Mitch had entered to fix something to do with the lighting and caught me playing with my clit. Seeing what I was watching he asked me if I wanted to see a real cock. I didn't have time to answer before he took out his huge dick.
    Looking at his massive cock and then up to is face, Mitch smiled at me and said "You could do worse you know, and besides I'm sure you like working here". It was a veiled threat, but it didn't matter, as I was already on my knees and letting him slide his beautiful dick over my tongue.
    The following day, once my boss had gone for lunch, I had the reception page Mitch to come to the same office. Again I sucked on his cock, and again I swallowed every drop of cum he had to give. It was the week after that we first fucked. All weekend with my boyfriend doing his best to satisfy me sexually, all I could think about was Mitch's enormous cock.
    Monday afternoon with our boss over at the main offices, I sucked Mitch hard and then bent over the desk naked. He fucked me hard from behind making me orgasm twice on the run. Nobody had ever made me cum that hard and that much, so from that day (Eight months ago) to this, each day I can have my maintenance guy fuck my pussy and asshole, I mostly have him do it in our bosses office.

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    Such a good slut to keep the workforce happy. Wish I had someone like you in my office
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    Don't fall for that obvious con.

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