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    When I was 12 I went on a class trip to New York. We saw the statue of liberty, the Empire State building, the U.N., the Metropolitan Museum of Fine Art and the Museum of Natural History and we got to see one Broadway play. All in all that was one of the best three day weekends of my life, at least up to that point. But on the second day one of my classmates was overcome with nausea after eating something that didn't' agree with her and vomited right there in times square. I am sure no New Yorkers noticed. Probably they saw that daily. The kids in my class all yelled out "Gross!" and avoided her for the next hour or two. None of that would be worthy of a mention here except for what happened next. A dirty old pervert who had been gawking at us the whole time we were walking through Times Square followed our group until he got to where she vomited. He then got down on his knees and we all watched as he licked her vomit out of the filthy gutter and ate and swallowed every morsel. Then, after watching that unfold, three more kids, sickened by what they saw, vomited. We moved further away to avoid this old pervert only to witness him stopping at each pile of vomit, lean down and lick up and eat that vomit as well. By that point our chaperones had decided we needed to leave the area before we witnessed the whole class vomiting and the guy having more than his fill of fresh vomit. Yep, New York is one strange place.

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