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    Straight Male / 48

    My first boss had an art gallery. That is where I worked. I applied right out of high school and he made me a sales person. Within ten years I was manager. In the last year that I was manager I had an affair with his daughter. She was nine at the time. I was 27. It was mutual. It had to be. She kept swimming up to me in the pool and grabbing my crotch then swimming up to me to steal kisses and then she wanted to learn how to make out. Over the next year things developed quickly and before she turned ten we were fucking. We were totally infatuated with each other but then her mother died and her dad decided to close the gallery and move to Alaska and build a cabin in the woods and live off the land. I did't want to continue the affair badly enough to follow them to Alaska so I bought the gallery and continued it for a few more years. That was the one and only time I ever did anything with anyone who was under 21 except for when I was under 21 myself and then only with people who were near my age. That was the my only criminal act. Twenty two years later We just happened to be visiting a mutual friend at the same time. The moment she saw me she flew into my arms and told me how much she missed me and that weekend we fucked like bunnies. She was older, much less tighter as one would expect but she was still sexy and beautiful but now she had a rack. I was 49, she was 31 and I honestly enjoyed fucking her as much then as when she was a child. It was fun comparing various body parts with the way they were before and of course I just couldn't get over how nice her tits ended up. Her dad had died by then and she had moved away from Alaska but we didn't live near each other. Three years later she came back to town and stayed permanently and this time she went to work for me as my sales manager. We took up our affair again and continued for a few more years until I retired and now live in Florida but she had kids that were in school up there and didn't want to leave so we split for the last time.

    She had told me while we were together that last time that she not only didn't hate me for what I did with her but considered it the highlight of her childhood. That really relieved a lot of guilt feelings. You see, besides her, I'm not really attracted to children. I like tits. But her face, youthful exuberance and gorgeous hair made her irresistible. I did love her though. But she had said she was mostly interest in the sex, not me as a potential mate.

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    Say what you will about p**ophilia but it's impossible that 100% of these situations is abuse because there a children who just go their own way and mentally develop far outside of the "norm". If they are no longer thinking innocently then they aren't exactly innocent, regardless of their age number. For those of you who judge this man, think about how things would be different if he turned the girl down and she decided to punish him by telling everyone he did have an affair. Not such an black and white situation. Personally, I've never been with a minor but I try to keep an open mind about people's sexual path because we can't all journey the same way.
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