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    Straight Female / 45

    My name is Maria Jovic I live in Denmark 5 days ago I wanted to work for charity and help children with mental difficultis so I went from house to house and I met a young boy named Filip so filips mother trusted me so I can make him accepted I wat to a walk with Filip and got him at home for a person with mental difficultis Filip looked kinda hot so I got Filip to bed I had amazing rough sex with him he had an amazing big cock so he didn't know how to put a condom on ad I was like YOLO adlnd accidents happened and know I have a male boy child named Nikola and Filips parents don't know about him so I'm a single mother.Nikola is hot like his dad.And hi is alslo mentally retarded

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    I think you mean 5 years ago, not 5 days ago.
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    Is okay everyone need love and fucking is the way of life, even mentally retarded people. I am glad someone is providing the service to them...
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    When I worked as a janitor in an institution I got to see a lot of naked little retard girls. Most of them were gross looking but a few were kind of hot. They were grouped in dorms categorized by age and gender and how retarded they were. My job required that I keep four of the dorms clean. That mean sweeping and mopping the floors, washing the windows and occasionally the walls and keeping the bathroom clean. The bathroom was basically a big tiled room like a military latrine. It had a row of toilets with no partitions, all open. It also had a long trough for washing up and a shower room that had 8 shower heads and two bath tubs for those who could not shower. The ones for the boys had a trough for pissing in added. There was no wall separating the latrine from the dorm. The dorm was basically a big room with about a hundred bunks and a sheet and pillow on each, no blankets or top sheets. The kids slept either naked or with a hospital gown on which meant they might as well be naked.

    So the four dorms I kept clean were for the preteens of the middle spectrum of mental retardation. They weren't vegetables but they had very limited vocabulary and were not really able dress themselves. They were all about 2 years old give or take mentally.

    The institution made absolutely no effort to provide for the privacy or modesty. So as a janitor my duties took me right into the fully occupied dorms and only half the time was there any staff there to supervise. Visitors weren't even required to check in at the desk and could possibly just walked right in off the street and wandered the hallways until they found a suitable victim to grope and abuse.

    Well of course being a pervert with a taste for younger kids and being that while most were nasty to look at there were actually quite a few really sexy little ones there, I of course helped myself. I also know I'm not the only one. I met several staff who over the years confessed that the reason they took such a nasty low paying job was it gave them access to beautiful little angels who couldn't complain. It was no wonder that in the 10-12 female dorm we had an average of 4-5 pregnancies a year. Over half of the staff had criminal records including a lot of felonies. In those days the average hourly wage was about a dollar an hour. But an ex con could barely expect much more than half of that and often had to kick back much of their wage to the management if they wanted to keep their job. But nobody really wanted to work there, nobody that is, except people who saw it as an advantage. While I wasn't an ex con, I definitely found it an advantage when my neighbor, in the run down motel I lived in, told me about the place after I made a comment about a sexy 12 year old I had recently seen.

    The first time I was caught nothing happened. I had a sexy little blond 12 year old sitting naked on my hard cock which was deep inside her. She just wiggled her ass around in my lap and just as I was shooting my load in her tight little k**t a senior staff member walked in on us. She just looked at me, rolled her eyes, said "sorry" as if her interruption was the worst thing going on at that comment and turned around and left. I thought I was going to be fired or worse, arrested. An hour later the same senior staff came in and admonished me, not for rayping a ten year old retard but for being insufficiently discrete. She asked if I knew about the bunk they kept in the janitor's closet and suggested next time I use it as occasionally a relative might wander in and it would not do if they saw me in a compromised position. That was it. Not even a mark in my file. After I'd been there a year I got a huge raise from $1 to 1.25 an hour and I started being offered overtime so I did quite well financially there.

    One day right after clocking in I found three guys fucking the shit out of half a doze little one's in the janitor's closet. I went out and grabbed a pretty one and took it back and fucked her along with the group. Nobody ever said anything.

    Then they got this magnificent beauty one day. She was ten. She had a lovely mane of blond hair and pretty blue eyes. She took the place of a girl who had just turned 13 and was transferred out of my area. She was getting a bit worn out anyways I supposed. All the pretty ones always got fucked eventually. So this new one, I never learned her name. Some didn't actually have names. Their parents had often abandoned them at birth and so they came in with a number though always preceded with "Jane doe" So this one might have been "Jane Doe #127." Occasionally you might get "Jane Smith." That would happen when a child came in and they knew the parent's last name but the child was never given a first name on their birth certificate.

    So this amazing little beauty got my eye the moment she arrived. As soon as the suits dropped her off at her bunk she just curled up in a ball and began rocking back and forth. I sat down and put my arm around her. Sometimes if you are nice to one of the inmates they will warm up to you and that makes it easier to get them to suck your dick or put it in them. This one was different. She asked "who are you?" I was shocked. She could string words together to form a sentence. that was rare in that ward. So I told her I was the janitor and I liked to be friends with pretty little girls. She then gave me a sort of strange look and lifted up her hospital gown to show me her bare pussy and said "go ahead, everyone else does." So I reached down and softly caressed her down there. She responded with "at least it don't hurt when you do it." Actually it normally does but I wanted to charm this one. So I took her to the janitor's closet and ate her out for an hour. I could catch up with my work later. Turns out she was autistic and not mentally retarded like virtually everyone else was there and she was sent to the retard wards for acting up. Turns out that singing during lessons was acting up so she was sent there permanently . Within a few weeks I was fucking her daily. She was the only one I ever took home. I adopted her on her 12 birthday and married her when she turned 16. Best fuck ever.

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