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    Straight Male / 26

    My boss is a great guy and when he moved his business to South Jersy last year he asked me to move with him. He bought a large home right near the Pine Barrens that has a small cottage at the very back of the property. Right away he offered to let me live in it rent free so I gladly accepted it. The cottage is more like a studio apartment since it only has a small kitchen and living area with both my sofa and bed in the same area. The only closed off room with a door is the bathroom and the rest of it has no walls. Its about 30 yards from the house and the back and side are only the woods so my privacy was never a factor. I never was concerned about the windows or even the sliding door being covered all the way. The sliding door faces the house so I always closed or almost closed the vertical blinds that are on it. The other windows only have tie back curtains but it never mattered since its only trees and bushes outside those. I don't remember exactly but think it was late last April or early May when my girlfriend was here for the weekend. We were having sex in my bed and right afterwards my girl got up to get something to drink. All the sudden she grabbed her bathrobe and said I think theres sombody outside. I got up fast and went over to the windows but didn't see anyone. Then I went over to the sliding doors and looked towards the house where I saw my bosses daughter Teresa going in the back door. I knew it was her right away because of her shape, she is short , maybe 5 ft. and wide which I mean heavy. At that point I didn't want to upset my girlfriend anymore than she was so I said it must have been an animal she heard outside. There are plenty of racoons, rabbits and deer around the property so she calmed down when I told her that. I didn't actually catch her looking in the window but Teresa sure was in a hurry when I saw her going in the house. My boss and his wife are out a lot in the evenings and there one daughter Carine is away at college and Teresa is alone when they are out. Teresa is 19 years old and is very friendly but don't seem to have many friends and I'm sure she don't have a boyfriend. Anyhow the following Tueday was when I was sure she was looking in my windows and know she saw me naked. I don't usually get done work until about 6 every night and I usually eat out or at least go to the bar for an hour or two. By now I almost know when Teresa is going to come over to the cottage. As long as her parents are out and its not raining she comes over and peers in my windows. Theres one window in the kitchen area, one near the sofa and bed and one in the bathroom aside from the sliding doors. Instead of telling her father and ending it I have to confess I get turned on when she sees me naked and I guess by June I started to jerk off knowing she was watching me. I intentionally make sure she can see into the bathroom and pull the shower curtain over enough so she can watch me. My girlfriend lives up near Newark so she comes here once a month for a weekend and I go there once a month. I haven't even told my girlfriend about Teresa looking in, so many times now I know Teresa has seen us having sex many times. During the week I am naked more than ever before and when I know Teresa is outside I have an erection most of the time. I talk to Teresa often even at work because she is the one who answers the phone calls and calls my cell phone when they have a late pick-up for me to handle. On average she sees me naked two to four times a week depending on the weather and when her parents are out. Now I jerk off for her everytime I know she is out there and especially like her watching me shower and often jerk off in the shower. If my boss ever does find out she is doing this I can just deny knowing about it.

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