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    Transsexual Male / 40

    I know its gross but I've had a big fetish for poo and eating it, done with myself a lot and smeared want to pay a mistress to use me as her toilet and knowing me I probably eat it, I know can catch stuff from it but love it, drank lots of piss from stranger men before in car parks not caught anything yet

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    Do you have the nose for that?
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    Pee is the only sterile body fluid. That's why you don't catch anything. From your own, you can certainly, but at least it's better. Keep with drinking pee, and having a woman (or man if you want) poop on you then have sex with them and the poop all smeared and squished between you. Also if you're into receiving anal, or giving. The receiving partner poos in their panties, pull them down to her knees while she's bent over and fuck her ass. I prefer when my girl shits her pants in public and we take the long walk back to the car at a mall or something. Then we find a place where I can fuck her warm gooey ass.
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    I love it. Just had again was yummy but messy

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