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    Straight Male / 31

    First off I have a serious speech impediment which I have spent years trying to have it improved. Aside from the problems I had in school all my life I have had difficulty getting a decent job, which now I finally have. Another problem is that people think I am stupid and some think I am handicapped and have brain damage of some type. The fact I also have a clubbed right foot also makes me look handicapped by the way I walk. There were times peoples reactions to me really pissed me off but the few friends I do have know I am far from stupid. In June of 2015 I was fianlly able to buy a small house in town and although not well furnished, its mine. The neighbors across the street from me began coming over to my house telling me they were just checking up on me, probabley thinking I am handicapped. One day I overheard them talking about me and they used the word retarded several times. It made me mad a first but I over looked it since they seemed to be nice people. I don't have a drivers licence so every morning and night Paul, who is a guy I work with, picks me up and drops me off in his van every work day. I guess they think its some kind of handicapped pick up since his van is plain white. The mother is Florence, the son is Dennis and the daughter is Gail but the father I know nothing about and he don't live with them. Florence and Gail are the ones who came over at first and Dennis I thought and know now has a drug problem. I actually don't know how old they are but think Florence is in her mid 40's, Dennis is about 23 or 24 and Gail about 20. By that fall Florence was coming over and helping me clean the house and doing laundry for me and Gail also came over often bringing me baked goods. They even go shopping for me and the more they did this the more I just let them do it. It was around that time that Florence suggested I give her a front door key which I didn't mind doing. I thought it a problem when they came in at times when I didn't want any company. Then I remembered a joke by George Carlin. He said to stop Religious freaks from coming to your door just answer the door naked with a can of beer in hand. So I started out every night and on weekends going around in my underwear. This didn't seem to bother them in the least and didn't stop them from coming over anytime they wanted. By winter last year I not only went without a T-shirt but began being naked often. The first to see me naked was Florence and to my suprise she didn't say anything for about 5 minutes and then only asked where my pants were. I just shrugged my shoulders and that was the end of it until she left aboiut 20 minutes later. How I didn't get an erection I still don't know but things only got more complicated after that. I did the same 2 nights later and thats when Gail came over to bring me a peice of apple pie her mom made. Her mother evidently told her she saw me naked and now there was Gail standing there talking to me as I just stood naked in front of her. She never questioned me about being nake and stayed for about 15 minutes or more. She finally left right after I began getting an erection and as soon as she did leave I jerked off right away.

    All the sudden my whole attitude changed and instead of being insulted that they thought I was retarded I just took advantage of the situation and from then on just stayed naked most of the time at home. By now I have no idea how many times the two of them have seen me naked and the fact is they never say anything about it anymore. Gail has came in with her friend Sandie this year many times so now there are 3 women who see me naked a few times a week. Dennis has also seen me naked and he to has never confronted me about it but when he does bring me something he leaves right away unlike the girls. Last year I would try not to get erections when they were here but now I don't try to prevent it. I have never masturbated in front of them but would certainly like to and have been thinking about it. I have touched myself in front of them while having an erection but not like a jerking off motion. I progressively began giving them more of a show than last year and I sit or bend over in front of them giving them a view of my genitals from the rear. I sometimes pretend sleeping in my recliner with my legs spread wide open just to expose myself to the fullest. There are times I anticipate them coming in but the problem is I never know when they are going to. There are nights I am looking out for them as I watch tv but lots of times they come in when I don't know they are coming over. The only time I am fairly sure one of them will be in my house is usually Sunday afternoons. Thats when Gail brings Sandie with her most of the time. Its gotten to where I don't give a damn what they think about me or what they say about me when they leave. There are times when they are here for an hour or two and sometimes I have had an erection for so long I want them to go home so I can jerk off. I am naked most of the time hoping they will be coming over and there are times I don't feel like being naked. I wish they would call me before coming in the house but the way things are its just a turn on for me when they do show up. My nudity doesn't seem to offend them even when I have an erection and they never say anything about it. I'm not sure if they know how much I am aroused when they see me like this and think in a way they also enjoy seeing me naked, as much as they seem to feel sorry for me. I don't care anymore what their thoughts are about me.

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    I'm wondering if they don't appear shocked because they think you're mentally handicapped? You say you go along with it so I'm thinking they just believe you don't know any better because of your supposed "handicap".

    If you don't want them dropping in unannounced, you'll have to admit you're not handicapped (other than the foot and stutter) and insist they call before coming over. If that doesn't work, add a sliding chain lock (or similar like some hotels/motels use on their room doors). That way, you can open the door slightly to speak with them but not open it entirely, giving the impression that you're inviting them in.

    Of course, if you're enjoying parading around naked in front of them, then you don't have to do anything but continue with what you're doing.

    Enjoy whatever you decide to do!

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