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    Straight Male / 21

    Whenever I get horny in the shower and jack-off, I cum in my roommate's shampoo bottle. He always uses it and he never has a clue!

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    Cool, I made a trifle the other day for my wife and her 2 daughters (16 and 19)
    When I made the custard I shot my cum in to it then mixing it in.
    Loved watching them eat it greedily..
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    I bet you do it because your envious that he gets lots of pussy and you don't. And let me tell you why that is. The smell of cum attracts women and makes them horny. So this whole time you been getting your roommate laid a bunch of times. The more you cum in his shampoo bottle the more pussy he gets. Haha! it back fires on your ass, it's funny how life works... What gets you off gets him laid.
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    number 2, you are a fucking piece of shit. I hope you get caught, go to prison and get force fed cock and cum all the time you are in there. its one thing to have someone eat your cum if they choose to. its a crime to force someone to. Sick asshole!

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