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    Straight Female / 28

    Two weeks ago my husband Joey and I got back from a short trip over to the south of France. We'd gone over to celebrate Joey's thirtieth birthday, as he hates big parties and everything that surrounds them.
    Staying next to the villa we'd hired, was a single French guy called Philippe, who was staying in his smaller villa, as he said then (But I now doubt that) to get out of the Marseille rat race for a while.
    On our second night we returned back from a night out to find a note stuck on the our villa door. It was in English and it said "Having a few drinks on my patio next door, if you fancy calling by. Philippe". Ten minutes later we were all sat by his patio heater and drinking Champagne. A little later when Philippe went to get more drinks, Joey said to me that Philippe fancied me. When I told him he was daft, as Philippe arrived back with more Champagne, Joey asked Philippe straight out "Do you find my wife attractive ? and would you given the chance, fuck her ?" The answer that came back from Philippe was "Oui et Oui".
    I'm not sure about the details now (There was lots of sexual innuendo's and suggestions), but I know within a quarter of an hour I was naked in Philippe's bedroom on my back, having my husbands cock forced down my throat and had Philippe licking and sucking away on my pussy. No sooner than I'd begun to orgasm, Joey told Philippe to put on a condom. Still shaking with the intensity of my climax, Philippe got between my legs and thrust his cock into my already soaking wet pussy. Philippe began to fuck me and Joey moved out of my eye line.
    About five minute into Philippe driving his cock into me time after time, he turned his head and said "Oh Oui, leche moi". Moving around a little I saw my husband was tonguing Philippe's arsehole, and it looked beautiful. Then moments later Philippe said "Joey, please fuck me". I heard rather than saw Joey get up, and then I heard him putting a condom on. Philippe was still fucking me when Joey entered his arsehole. I could see Joey by then and as Philippe's cock withdrew from me, Joey's cock pounded into him.
    It was too much for me, and watching my husband's face as he fucked a relative strangers arsehole, I came hard on Philippe's cock. Immediately after I'd cum, Joey pulled out of Philippe's arsehole and Philippe withdrew completely from my pussy. Quickly Joey came to lay next to me, put his legs up high and spread them so his right leg was over my stomach. Philippe rose up, wiped some lube onto my husband's arsehole, moved right in close and slid his cock straight up Joey's rear.
    The whole evening and night had been surreal, and now to watch my husband, someone I didn't even know enjoyed gay sex, taking a French mans cock deep up his arse, was unbelievably horny.
    They fucked right there beside me, and I couldn't have gotten a better view of my husband accepting another mans cock up his arsehole. They fucked like they'd been screwing each other for years and as Philippe began to fuck Joey really hard, Joey bucked upwards and I watched as his cock erupted, sending him cum flying everywhere. Philippe made lots of "Yippie" sounds when Joey came and then a minute or so later, Philippe shuddered and he too came, filling the condom up my husband's arsehole.
    We all lay on the bed breathless and sexually played out. Or so I thought. Philippe moved over Joey and spread my legs, lifting them at the same time. Plunging his face between my legs, he buried his face into my pussy and didn't rise up until I'd cum twice.
    The other two nights we spent at the villa was relatively calm compared to the night we spent with Philippe. We had sex both nights and it got extremely dirty when Joey started to fuck me arsehole and finger fuck my pussy at the same time, making me climax hard. But we didn't have another night with Philippe.
    Back at home, I got curious about Philippe and our short break. I also got curious as to how long Joey had been wanting to be fucked. Going through Joey's lap top, I found a series of emails between Philippe and himself. it turns out Philippe is a gay/bisexual escort from Marseille. And Joey had not only paid for us to have sex wit him, he'd also paid for Philippe to stay in the villa next door. It had all been a birthday present to himself and I only found out by being curious.
    Joey and I have spoken about our amazing night with Philippe, but Joey doesn't mention too much, just how much he enjoyed being fucked. I'm not saying I should enforce anything on my husband, but I'd seriously love to see him being fucked again. Yet Joey hasn't intimated before our break, or now afterwards he'd like to do it again.
    If I knew how to get my husband to agree to being in a threesome, where he was willing to be fucked again, I would do so in a heartbeat. Just got to figure out if it was a birthday fantasy one off, or if Joey would go for it if I arranged for someone to have sex with us both.

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    I'm betting he'd go for it. If you liked Phillipe arrange a meeting or bump into during a weekend holiday.
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    I would have loved being in that M2M action. Now that you are home again -- trust me -- Joey is getting fucked and fucked often. You just need to get on some of your local gay web sites, and also Craigslist, and line up a handsome young man and arrange for him to plow your husband's ass. And yours. Check around. It sounds as if both of you need some serious, regular ass fucking. Good luck.

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