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    Straight Male / 50

    I didn't cheat, but my wife did. We married after high school. Got an apartment and I attended college while my wife worked. We both had never dated anyone else. My wife was raised conservative and didn't dress sexy or make up much. We were having a good sex life no complaints. Deb got a job at an employment agency low pay beginning. I would usually be finished with classes and she would get home aprox 5:15. Her boss was a tall, strong, athletic man in his late 30's. She talked a lot about her boss to the point of getting on my nerves. Deb started coming home an hour later after getting a big pay raise. She started buying sexy clothes and more especially under garments. When she came in late she usually took a quick shower as she said to wash the work off her. I finally got suspicious and paid attention to her habits more. She said her working some days was part of her pay raise. She was really getting wild during sex which I enjoyed but was suspicious where she was learning kinky. We had one car so I bicycled after class to spy her place of employment. After most of the employees went to their cars Deb and her boss walked to his truck. He opened the driver side door. Deb proceeds to get in and he gives her a groping push on her ass. They drove off and came back about 30 minutes later. She returned home before I get back so I told her I went for a bike ride. I knew what was happening but didn't accept it because I love her so much. It took a few days for me to scout where they would drive to but a lucky quess was the mall parking lot. This day I quessed correct and saw them park back side so I spyed them. Deb sat on him facing him for a time then all I could see was his head raise up some. When finished I saw her throw something out of the window. They drove away. I rode my bike where they were and saw several used condums. I was devastated. In time I went thru many emotions. I could feel that Deb loved me and I wasn't afraid of her leaving me for a married man with two kids. I came to enjoy the thought of her getting some excitement elsewhere but still loving me. I played my games with the situation. I would ask her to leave her panties off before she left for work. I would go to my parents on weekends occasionally and count the condums before and after and some were always used. I even didn't want her to know I knew what was happening. She finally decided to get on birth control. She started having messy panties and cum on her clothes. After I graduated I accepted a job so we moved away. I even went to my parents the weekend before we moved on Monday so she could have a goodby weekend. Deb was disturbed a few weeks after we moved. It wasn't long we decided to have children and we became a normal family.

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    Don't be so sure about being normal family. She cheated on you once and she thinks she got away with it with out you knowing abot it.You have to tell her that you know and saw them doing it and the only reason you didn't faced her with it becose of your life situation, that you did not want to rock the boat during your studies.You may accept her past if you want but make sure you are not raising another mans children as your own.
    Once cheater will always be cheater unless you man up to her.
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    I'm glad you think you have a normal family not knowing what kids are really yours and which are not. Let's face it some men love sluts and like the cum of other men up their girls pussies. I could never understand one of my friends his gorlfriends cheats on him all the time and he accepts her back everytime. He must get off of the thought of other men fucking her. We are not friends anymore because I don't agree with it, but to each him own.
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    OP is a wise man. And probably a lot happier than the righteous bastards that react here.
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    It wouldn't suit me, but everyone is different. To me infidelity by the wife is probably more acceptable after at least double figures in years together, but when she's lying to you right from the start you should see it as a danger signal.

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