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    Straight Male / 23

    I am back staying with my mom so I can attend a major university in our state and save on some room and board money. My mom has always been a hottie, and my dad and her used to go at it all the time about her flirting with guys and they finally split over it. Before Thanksgiving I got home early from school and walked in on her fingering herself on the couch. Since then it's kind of been an inside joke that she needs a "shower buddy". That is what she calls one of those suction cup dongs. For Christmas I figured what the hell, so for a gag, I ordered her the biggest "stick-on cock" I could find. I wrapped it and put it under the tree with a note that said, "Santa knows you've been bad." When she opened it yesterday she was embarrassed, but knew it was part of our joke.

    I spent the day with me gf yesterday, and when I got home there was mom with her present and an open bottle of Seagrams. All she said was, "Does Santa want to watch?" Then she suctioned it to the coffee table and climbed on. She got off a couple of times, then finished with it in her ass--all the way in her ass!

    I jacked off most of the night thinking of her boobs bouncing under her nighty while she rode that sucker! I thought it would be a gag, but I really hope she does this again!

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    Nasty dude!!! She's your mom you sick fuck. You're dad probably diversed her because she probably couldn't stop fucking around.
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    Well she certainly has needs. Maybe you would let ride your cock. At least it's a lot better than riding a dildo. You should ask her if she wants too. Maybe you will both enjoy it. I don't think you want cheat on your gf.
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    Don't you get it? she wants you to fuck her. What d'you need, an invitation in gold lettering?
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    Big huge sign that says stick your penis in her pussy!
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    Here we go again, another son/mom exciting story. I'm getting so close to repeating my story I wrote several years ago.

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