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    Straight Male / 29

    Yesterday i fucked my mum.
    I dont know exactly how we got there but it was after a christmas day fueled by booze.

    So i'm a guy with a few pecial interests. Like watersports, anal and a few other things that arent the norm.
    If im alone my porn history is full of the weird and wonderful. However not with what happened christmas day.

    After the usual gift giving with my parents, 1 sister and 2 brothers, all with partners we sat and had the traditional crimbo meal and wine....or in this case champagne.
    Food eaten, booze drank. We all retired to the lounge to chill and drink more. One by one the couples went home. Leaving myself and parents in the house.
    Now im single because i have a demanding job but also have special tastes. And if not fulfilled i look elsewjere for forfillment. Im 6"2 and pretty good looking (not braggin).

    So as everyone tailed off. My dad was spark out in his normal chair. Now he dont drink normally but 3 glasseshe was dead to the world.
    Me and mum continued talking about everything and anything as you do when youre drunk.

    "Why are you with anyone?" She blurted out of the blue.
    "Mum dont go there. Ill sort it out one day. Just gotta find the one. I replied.

    Mum looked at me in a way id never seen. Then with that look she proceeded to say and shock me with what was on her drunken mind.
    "Youre a good looking boy. Any woman would be lucky to have you" she slurred.
    I was dumb struck but smile and said thank you.
    " youre the type of guy i shouldve gone with" mum again blurted out in a slur.
    I said shes had enough and it was time for bed. Mum nodded in agreement. Unsteady on her feet i helped her to bed. In she got fully clothed. I disappeared into one of the spare rooms to get my head down. Sure enough i did. It wasnt mad late. About 11:30ish.

    I was awoken by an odd sensation. I looked at my phone. 2:30am. What was this feeling. I hd felt it before but alonv time ago. Plus i was half asleep.
    Getting my barings i realised my covers were up around my waiste. I wzas hard and now knew i was being sucked off. Still slighyly drunk i couldnt figure out who?
    I bucked up the courage to pull the covers down.
    Holy shit!! There she was. My mother. Sucking qnd licking my fat cock. I gasped. She loobed up and whispered. "This is for me and you.shhh keep it our secret.

    Long story short. My curvy mum with massive tits rode me to within an inch of my life. She came loads and i discovered she was a squirter. Its fucked up. We did all sorts. From licking eash otherd cum to other kinky stuff.
    To be continued....

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