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    Bi-Sexual Female / 27

    So I have read lots of confessions on here and have never felt like I had anything to confess . I'm a very open person and have no problems telling people about me sexual life , I'm a domanatrix and have worked in the porn industry also still have clients that travel to see me from time to Time.
    So here is the thing I work a normal super easy job and for a no stress kinda job it's great!!! Here comes the problem there is a certain guy there that is super awkward and shy and at first I thought he was a complete dick head and I really couldn't stand him , but and here comes a big but BUT he is super funny and super smart once you get him to open up to you . I finally hit him to open up and he started to say these slick comments about things like I would kiss you but you have a husband when I was standing super close to him or things like thanks love which I caught but didn't say anything . So yesterday he said something and I responded well I swing and his eyes lite up like really lol he was shocked and this is where it all began he said he had so many questions and I told him to ask away . I told him I did porn Dom work had clients went to clubs and sex conventions and loves ogres he got more interested we talked all night at work about it and asked if he could ask me something that was a little out of line since technically he is a boss but asked if he could watch me with one of my clients I said sure . I gave him my number when I left slipped it in his back pocket making sure I rubbed his ass when I did it lol . He did text me but I think I'm pushing him to far I can't get him into a sexting conversation lol like I want it's so crazy I don't know why but most girls don't find him attractive but for some reason the short Shy awkward smart dorky funny and sweet in there own way just gets me lol .

    So here is the confession I really really really want to fuck him and not just fuck him like really fuck him like hours and hours of fucking sweaty dirty all over the house fucking ass smacking hair pulling leg shaking fucking I don't know why I just do he is off for the next couple of days and it sucks all I keep thinking about is him bending me over in the walk in cooler I don't think it will ever happen but fuck I want it to .
    We are going out with co workers next weekend wonder how many drinks it will take lol

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    You can sext me if you like I'll respond to you and have the cum running down your legs
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    Just ask the guy to bag you. I never hear anyone turn down
    a piece of ass.

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