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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    Another work shenanigans story.

    So after the blow job session, my co-workers(there were 3 of us that day and it was on a weekend so no staff was around)sat and talked about sex. Me and the 2 ladies had always told each other our stories, secrets and desires, getting each other worked up. I don't know how many times I had to go jack off in the bathroom after an hour of talking!

    It was a quiet day and we were talking about what would happen if one of us would walk into the room(call center type office setting)while my one co-worker was sucking me. We laughed and moved the conversation to other situations that could happen in the room.

    My brain was running wild, so I was going to go take care of business when our other friend said she was going to take a 15 minute break. The center was a secured room which needed a key card to enter. We also had a couple of security cameras to monitor the building outside of our center.

    Our consoles would raise and lower so we could stand during our shift, and I usually stood because it burned more calories. We all were sitting opposite of the door, sort of in the corner, hidden from the main door. After our friend had walked out, my "sucker friend" started talking about how she wanted me to fuck her in the ass. She was obviously worked up, and so was I.

    The conversation moved to playing a joke on our friend; pretending that I was getting a blow job while she walked in from break, a continuation of our earlier talk. My partner slid over in front of me in her chair, as I was standing, when it was close to our other partner coming back. My partner's face was level with my zipper, and she said "How do you want to do this?"

    As she looked up at me, my cock was about to bust out of my jeans, I said "I don't know, but I'm so fucking hard right now..." as she smiled. I grabbed her hand and put it on my bulge. She smiled and rubbed it. She asked if I ever had two girls suck my cock at the same time. Sadly, I said no, but would love it. She told me that it may happen sometime, and smiled at me.

    I could feel the precum moving up my shaft and exit the slit into my already wet underwear.

    The obvious advantage to having a smaller cock is that I can walk around with a hard on and no one would be able to tell. I also wear tight sports underwear so that helps keeps things confined.

    My partner hooked both of her hands in the waist band of my jeans and moved her face right in front of my cock. We sat there waiting for our partner to come in. I checked the security camera and she was not on her way yet, so my willing participant said "You know? Maybe we would just do it anyway." I was about to unzip when we heard the door click.

    We we sitting in a location that when she walked in she would be able to see what was going on. I leaned my head back as my partner moved her head like she was sucking me. I looked at our co-worker and she saw what was happening but pretended to be reading a paper from her mailbox. She was in plain site.

    Our partner didn't say anything, so my mouth buddy stopped and turned around. She said, in a pretend to be startled voice "How long have you been standing there?" Our friend said "Long enough to see what was going on, but I didn't want to disturb you two." We laughed and said it was a joke. She rolled her eyes and giggled while walking back to her console by us.

    I really wish I had let her blow me that day. Then it would have been complete. There

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