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    Straight Male / 23

    An Erection For Mum

    I would like to ask a question, I keep getting erections when I am in the presence of my mother it is not intended it just happens, it first started one morning when I was eating breakfast in the kitchen, my mother has a good body for her age, I got an erection when she was bending over with her bottom right next to me sorting out a cupboard, I kept looking at her bottom I knew I shouldn't have, I went to the bathroom and relieved my self,
    I thought the reason for my hard on was I hadn't had a wank for three days and nothing to do with mums bottom nearly in my face. When I leave for work we hug and kiss before I go, it happened again I was bulging so much it could be seen, now it happening very frequently every time I am in her company even talking to her I can not control it, she has noticed it
    and keeps glancing at it occasionally she has not said anything. am I the only male who has a hard on for his mum I just can not stop it happening, I know what I want to do. any comments please.

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    Don't feel guilty and confused.Wait and watch and let things take their own course.In case,sexual relationship develops,don't talk to anybody about it.I am not in favour of Incest but if that's what you seem to want and if your Mom wants it as well,go ahead.As said earlier,be discrete and respect your Mom's privacy and dignity.No one should know.
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    I read the above but its the opposite for me its my sun
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    Oedipus is just same old Greek twot to you, isn't he?
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    3. What happened?Let's know in detail.Thanks,
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    To response NO.3. What happened and how and the situation as progressing today.
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    Response to comment no 5, nothing has happened except mum keeps looking at my crutch when she thinks I am not looking, may be because I have stopped wearing under pants in the house my bulge is more obvious, she bends over a lot more in front of me, let you know
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    A simular ssituation happened to me when I was 13 or 14. I told this story many moons ago and am prepared to tell it again but refuse to interrupt here. Go ahead with with story and I'll report again later. But this one did bring back memories and gave me a rock hard but this one will wait for my wife. Yeah, I am married now but for less than a year. Still on our honeymood (Note I said Mood and not moon).
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    Sounds like your both wanting something to happen and seeing who will make the first move. I suggest next time your alone with your Mum and she notices your bulge, get your cock out so she can see how aroused you are. I bet she'll love it and give you a very enjoyable time, please keep us informed how you get on.

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