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    Straight Male / 33

    On Christmas Eve, while most people were getting their things and leaving, I snuck off with my wife's cousin and had drunken sex in our backyard. It started as a blow job, but then quickly moved to having her bent over the air conditioning unit. It was of the lift the skirt, pull panties to the side, rough quickie variety... and it was fucking great. I hadn't felt anything like that probably since my wife and I were still dating. We just played it off that I was outside smoking, and she had just come outside to say goodbye before leaving. She went in before me, as I did stay out to smoke a cigarette, and by the time I got back inside, she had already left. I did my best to avoid getting too close to my wife before going upstairs and taking a shower and heading to bed.

    The next day, my wife made a comment that she was pretty sure Cassandra (her cousin) had a crush on me, and laughed about it. I laughed too, and just took it in stride, thinking "if she only knew", lol. So, Cassandra is supposed to be coming over to celebrate on New Year's Eve. I can't wait.

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    Good job. Can you describe the drunken counsin's wife for us?
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    Tell us how it happened. How did it get to that point. And add more detail of the actual encounter, please.

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