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    Straight Male / 46

    Sometimes things happen around you and you are just there for the benefits. In college I lived in a run down place and next door to me lived a photographer. His girlfriend worked a job as a hostess and he made believe he made money as a photographer, weddings and thing like that. I got in a motorcycle wreck and broke my femur and was laid up in my house.

    I hobbled along and had a hard time. This friend brought me groceries, but I was mostly alone. This one afternoon, it was late spring, my neighbor girl came over. She brought along cleaning supplies, brushes and sponges and she set about to clean my apartment. She washed all the dishes in the sink and cleaned the stove and oven, cleaned out the refrigerator and cleaned and scrubbed the kitchen while I watched. We talked since we were alone and she told me she was a Mormon and she had been taught how to keep house and mend clothes.

    After the kitchen she took on the bathroom, which she scrubbed down and cleaned better than it had ever been cleaned. She did the laundry I had, which required her to take the clothes across the street to a pay washer dryer shack, and she cleaned and changed my bed.

    When she was folding clothes I asked her why she had come over and she told me her man had sent her. After that she came every week, bucket and mop in hand. She brought over a hot meal every evening. She washed and cut my hair.

    One evening after she brought over my dinner she asked me if I wanted a blow job or a hand job. I was taken aback and asked her why she would offer that. She said her man told her that by now I would be straining real bad and that I probably needed relief. She came over and sat beside me and worked open my jeans and gave me the sweetest blow job ever.

    By the time I got my cast off, which was six months, she and I were really good friends. By then we were doing the nasty, she would ride high on my waist away from the top of the cast. She liked oral sex which I could really indulge her with. After I was ambulatory again I managed to get my job back, and one day she asked me if she could live with me that she and her man were no longer together.

    She told me that she was a Mormon and she wanted to get married, even if I wasn't a Mormon and she hoped I didn't mind that she had a man before me. She told me the story of running away with him, she just had to get away from how she grew up. She was seventeen then and she always knew he was a mistake. But to make a story short, she wanted to get married more than anything and she said she had showed me she could be a good wife and she assured me that she knew how to take care of kids.

    So that is how I met my wife, she is a good wife and she got herself a large Mormon passel of kids, even if I am not a Mormon. From knowing her family it is evident that being a good wife is everything, and she has taught all her daughters to be good wives, something she started working on from the time they were very young.

    I would never want any of my daughters to run away, and she knows that so we keep the Mormon stuff to a minimum.

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