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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    Curious young country boys my Cousin and I experimented very young in life. It was fun and it felt very good the first time so we did it all the time. We didn`t start out with oral sex but that happened later on. we were both 8 or 9 years old the very first time and it just happened.
    We were up in the hay loft playing around when we showed each other our dicks like always but this time we took our pants down to our ankles standing face to face looking at each other as we played with our dicks laughing and talking.
    He asked me to turn around so I did. He got right behind me with his arms tight around me as he rubbed his hard dick on my ass telling me how good it felt. I had to agree and I liked the way it felt and our skin touching in that hot hay loft. Next thing he did was reach down and grabbed my dick and played with it as he humped on my naked ass. I was going crazy and so was he so when I told him we should take off our clothes we stopped just long enough to get naked then he was right back behind me humping on my naked ass and slowly we ended up laying down in the hay with me face down and him on top of me.
    He never asked and I never tried to stop him but I ended up with his nice hard dick in my ass and getting my tight young asshole fucked for the very first time in my life. We were both moaning and groaning and breathing very hard the whole time we were going at it. He was holding on to me very tight thrusting his hips into my naked body as his hard young dick went in and out of my tight young hole and we were both enjoying it way too much and then he got stiff as a board on top of me and I could feel his dick inside of my ass as he put his few drops of young cum inside me.
    Right away I began to ask him to do it some more and told him it felt great and I wanted him to do it to me again. He fucked me a second time before we had to get dressed and leave but later on down in the bushes away from the house he did it to me two more times as he stood behind me with our pants down to our ankles. Late that night we did it again outside in the dark. Not long after that we sucked each other and got our first taste of each others young cum. Most of the time he would fuck me in the ass but we had oral sex often.
    All thru our school years we had sex often and sometimes as we got older it got pretty kinky when we could get away with it. I can remember how much fun it was for us after we both started driving. We were able to go places and have a lot more privacy and since we both liked camping and being outdoors we had a lot of wild sex outdoors. Some of the crazy things we did back then were 69 and we both liked to swallow at the same time. He liked to watch me play with myself and enjoyed me on my knees letting him fuck my mouth and listen to me gag on his dick then cum in my throat with his nuts pressed to my chin. I used to let him play with my ass when he wanted to and he liked sticking different things up my ass then fucking me with different things. He liked watching me stick things up my ass and our favorite was him tying me up naked and using my ass and mouth. I wore panties for him many times. Let him tie me up out in the woods and r**e me.
    More than once when we camped out at his place or mine late at night there were things that we did I still have a hard time believing we did. My cousin could get a little crazy and wild at times and I liked it enough that I just let him do whatever to me. One time he had me tied up naked by the camp fire and was playing with my ass when he spread my ass cheeks and smeared peanut butter in the crack of my ass then fingered some up inside of me and he fingered me awhile before calling his dog over to us. Once he smelled the peanut butter on my ass he started to lick my ass and my cousin really got off watching that so he kept putting more on my ass and the dog kept eating my ass.
    Months later we were doing this again and had done it several other times so I wasn`t tied up and was on my hands and knees with the dog eating my ass out from behind and he tried several times to mount me and he came very close to penetrating more than once as I felt his hot dick poke at my hole and slide around on my ass. My cousin came like crazy watching this and we did it often after that. Many times I wondered what would have happened if either his dog or mine would have actually fucked me in the ass. After all these years I still wonder about that sometimes.
    My Cousin and I still have sex on occasions but we live far apart now so it is only when I am home visiting family that we sneak off and he fucks me with his huge dick and dumps two or three big hot loads in my ass. He is hung like a horse and pounds my ass hard and likes talking very nasty to me when he fucks me. We still get pretty kinky and I like it all.

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    In junior high I used to watch my buddy get fucked by his dog.
    The dog would knot in his asshole and the two would be stuck together
    for from 10 minutes to twice that. I never timed it but I seemed to
    take forever for the dog's cock to relax and then a cup of dog cum
    would pour out of my buddy's asshole. He offered me a shot but
    I passed with no regrets.

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