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    Straight Male / 45

    It all started a few weeks ago. My neighbors moved in , husband (chris) , wife , and two daughters. I gave the mom (Clair) a good look over. She was in her fifties and looked mighty tasty in those tight jeans. She has thick thighs , fat ass with a small waste. I never took note of the daughters Ashley (12) and Jenni (15). I have never had urges for the inexperienced or at least i thought.

    New years had arrived and I had little cash to do anything big or elaborate. I talked with the S/O and decided to do a bonfire and shoot some fireworks for the kids in our little section. (Five rent house I take care of) We invite everyone over ,but only are neighbors come over for some bbq by the fire. We chatted for a while , and had all in all a good time. The girls (Ashley and Jenni ) went back to the house to wait for the fireworks. We adults took seats by the bonfire and passed some good herb around.

    After we got lit up , That's always good before handling explosives , we gather everyone for the fireworks . We get set up and begin to amuse the kids with banter and proceed to almost blow ourselves up a few times. About halfway thru the box of goodies I tell my Neighbor chris I have to hit the head. I start walking back to my house when someone comes from behind me and grabs me. I can tell it's one of the girls as they are shorter than me. I turn around and Jenni was there smiling with those big blue eyes. She had blond hair with full lips and milk white skin. She smelled amazing like a bouquet of fresh flowers.

    Jenni still has her arms around me as I turn to face her. I put my arms around her and ask her why she's not watching the show. " Midnight is coming soon but I have noone to kiss!" I replied back to her , " I'm old enough to be your father , do you really want to kiss an old man for the new years? " Yes , I do. I want a real kiss not some guy just kissing me to try to get into my pants!" I took a deep breath and go into my speech about how wrong it is and if her father was to find out , I would be castrated . She looked at me with sad eyes , and under the moonlight whether it be weakness lack of willpower , or baked out of my mind , I kissed her.

    I started gently at first , then realized if I was going to do this I might as well do it right. As my tongue explored her mouth I slid one hand down to her young tight ass and gave gentle squeezes. With my other hand I softly massaged her breasts. She was moaning lightly while we embraced. I pulled away and looked in her eyes again , and kissed her once more with both hands on her ass. She thanked me and went back and rejoined everyone. Now I had a Raging hard on. So much for a quick piss.

    After I regained my composure I went out by where the fire was to add more wood for later , and have a few more tokes. As I get close to the fire pit I notice Clair sitting there alone. I lit the J and took a few hits and handed it to her and grabbed some wood to put on the fire." My husband's libido isn't what it used to be, and I'm afraid after this he will be useless in bed later!" I said "Maybe he will surprise you later." She rolled her eyes at me and just tokes away.
    It felt kinda awkward like Clair wanted me to initiate , however the episode with her daughter already had me on edge. We finished the herb and rejoined the party.

    By now Chris is on a roll and tells me he needs a beer , I hand out sparklers and follow him to his house. We go inside and I ask him if he need a performance enhancer for the new years. He looks at me confused , "A VIAGRE you old fart!" I said . " No I don't take any of that shit, if I can get it up then I will fuck. If I cant , Fuck it!" I couldn't believe it. I was kinda in shock. He was the first friend that ever turned it down. I said ok and out the door I went.

    I rejoined the party and looked at poor clair knowing she wasn't getting any on this night , but for me to get time away from my S/O would be impossible. After the show we wound up back at the fire. Clair and I had the pleasure of being alone for 5 minutes. I told her when are other halves came back I would give her a signal for us to have a bathroom break and we could talk privately for a few minutes. She got this big grin on her face and " Now we're talking!"

    We were joined by my S/O and Chris . After cutting up for a few minutes I excused myself and went in the front door and slipped out the back. I met up with clair in almost the same spot where I had earlier kissed her daughter. I took her by the hand and led her over to my truck . I dropped the tailgate and leaned her against it facing me. I kissed her deeply as I ran my hands along her cheeks and down around her neck. I unzipped her blue jeans and pulled them down with her panties to her ankles. She gasped as her breathing was becoming increasingly labored. I came back up and kissed her while my fingers rubbed her clit. She was moaning as I sucked on her tongue and rubbed her clit. I picked her up and put her on the tailgate and spread her legs. I could smell her scent so strongly before I even got close. I shoved my tongue inside her pussy and licking her like a mad man. She grabbed my hair pulling it , "Don't stop!!" in a stifled whisper. I started sucking one her whole clit till I felt her shudder . I slowly loosen the suction and slowly began licking her clit till I could taste her cum. I stood her up and she got dressed and we went back to the fire.

    We get back to the fire and the party was really mellow. The S/O and chris had done to many bong hits. They were annihilated. I tell clair and Chris I have to put her to bed but have to stay up and make sure the fire burns down before I can crash. Clair tell me she has to put chris down , and gives me a wink to let me know she will be back. I get the S/O inside and give her anxiety meds and she is down for the count. I freshen Up and get back outside with the lights off.

    Im sitting by the fire when I hear footsteps coming across the yard. I stay sitting but smell a familiar flowery scent. It was Jenni. Jenni sat next to me and smiled . " I have you all to myself now!" I look at her , she is really gorgeous and have to ask , " Where is your mother?" " She went to bed and told me to take care of you , so long as you play nice and be gentle." " Your mother is condoning this?" " She says you took care of her but mother nature struck and she didn't want to leave you hanging , and I told her you wanted me too , by the way you kissed me!" " You told her we kissed!!!!!" "Yes , my mother and I are very close." I was too stunned to speak. So many thoughts surrounded my head. Do I decline , Do I do the deed. I was rock hard in my jeans. I asked " Are you a virgin?" " No I'm not but the guy who took it didn't do much , it was over in two minutes. I never really got turned on like when we kissed." I told her we really couldn't do much , " I dont have Condoms, I haven't had to worry about that for some time." "Its ok Im on birth control so were safe." With that I stood up and grabbed the blanket I brought out and laid it close to the fire.

    I have a big backyard with lots of trees . All my neighbors are out of site which makes this perfect for what I had in mind. I helped her strip out of cloths and we walked in the moonlight under the stars . It was chilly out and it made her nipples stand up. We walked around naked together stopping ever so often to kiss and caress each other. She grasped my dick and gasped . "Its so fat , you're going to have to go slow. The other boy I was with had thin long one. Yours isn't as long but it's twice as fat!" " I am going to go slow and make sure you enjoy this. Im also not a minute man." We start making are way back to the fire that has now turned to coals glowing amber.

    I laid her down on the blanket and got on top of her to kiss her some more. I work my way down her neck to her breasts. She was so pale which was a big turn on. I worked my way down to her pussy and saw a black bush. I was throbbing at the site and had to keep slow breathing to keep control. I teased her by licking the inside of her thighs . I would lick on each side of her clit and along the top till she was squirming and trying to force my head where she wanted me. I grabbed her breasts and shoved my tongue inside her , she screamed and had a hard orgasm . She was breathing hard and fast. I didn't let it stop me , I ate her pussy till it was dripping with her cum. I lifted her legs and slowly licked her butthole, which made her go crazy. I started shoving my tongue in her tight hole while she moaned uncontrollably. I climbed on top of her and started to rub my dick up and down her clit. I gently pushed several times before the head went in. She was right, I was going to have to be patient in order to get it in. After making slow movements back and forth it went in . I slowly worked it in till I was balls deep. I could feel I was topped out. I started giving her long slow strokes till she was wet enough for more speed. She told me to go faster , faster ,. By now gentle had gotten lost as an animal lust come over me and began power drilling her into the ground. I felt it boiling inside and thrust it as deep as i could go and filled her up with the biggest explosion I had ever had. I held her down while my cock throbbed inside of her. I eventually pulled out and lay next to her.

    We laid there for few minutes just stroking each other. She laid with her head on my shoulder and kissed me and smiled . "I told my mom I was going to have you first before her when we moved here." I just smiled. I stood up and looked at the blanket, she bleed like a virgin. We're having another party soon. Im hoping Clair is better than her daughter. I'm not ashamed and I should be......................

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    You got me all hot and bothered just reading it, I wouldn't mind letting you have sex with me either, iv always wanted to have sex with an older more experienced man. I'm 28 and you sir sure know how to turn a woman on.
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    Got the hardest hard on,
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    Thank you for the comments! Big wink to 28 hot and bothered!

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