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    Bi-Sexual Female / 42

    My first sexual experiences were with my girlfriend. We were late bloomers at 15, still a little chubby and awkward,that never got asked out on dates, so on sleepovers we would talk about the studs in our class and what it would like to go out on a date with them. Then we came up with this idea about practicing kissing so we would know what to do. It was pretty non sexual in the beginning as we would kiss and the discuss how it felt and how to avoid awkward or uncomfortable positions, it usually ended up with us giggling about the whole thing and just talking.
    One night we were laying in bed, talking about how we overheard a girl in our class telling her friends about her date. We thought some of the stuff she said sounded sort of gross, especially the part about Frenching and did all boys expect that. Curiosity got the best of the both of us and we started to make out, just lips at first and the our tongues found each other. It felt heavenly, and I kissed her back aggressively my tongue explored hers, around her lips and it seemed natural to put my arms around her. Her hands began to explore my body and cupped my breasts, gently pinching my nipples. I thought oh my goodness this feels great, it seemed so natural as I rolled part way on top of her and began to grind my pussy on her thigh. It didn't take too long before our nighties rode up and our flesh was pressed together, she was grinding against my leg, feeling her wet bush against me made me all that more aroused.
    We paused for a moment to slip off our nighties, it was such natural reaction, as we didn't need to ask each other. Our hands roamed over each other, and we began to finger each other while we kissed. She began breathe deeply and push her pussy so my finger slid in deeper, I picked up on her rhythmic grinding, each time sliding in deeper. I felt her body start to tense as she simultaneously squeezed her legs around my hand, sucked my tongue in her mouth and let out an almost animalist moan. I knew she was having an orgasm, I'd masturbated and recognized that but I had never experienced on that deep and so raw.
    We rested a bit just looking at each other, lost in the quietness of the moment, each waiting for the other to speak. Then she laughed and said that it felt amazing and wondered if it felt that way with a boy. We lay there, now that the silence was broken, talked about what happened and how it made us feel. She asked me if I wanted to have an orgasm, I sort of blushed but she started feel me, working kisses from my breasts to my pussy.
    She got between my legs and started to give me oral, her tongue darted in and out and her fingers massaged my labia. The newness of the sensations had paralyzed in the beginning but soon I moving with her, wiggling and drew my legs back for her. I stated hearing that same grunting I heard when she came, and realized that it was me. I had never given myself such a powerful orgasm as she gave me. We ended up sleeping naked in each other arms.
    We had several other encounters during our high school years but then like I said we bloomed the weight fell off as we both started to play sports, both of us developed really nice breasts, we started to get noticed by boys and then got boyfriends that took all of our time. We maintained our friendship, but our experimentation with each other ended.
    I had grown up thinking that it was just some sort of phase that every goes through. I got married right out of high school and while my husband wasn't my first man, I guess that somewhere in my mind I decided that I liked men. I have had a very happy marriage to him for the past 30 years, that is until last new years eve.
    We attended a party at our neighbors, she had a big blow out. I was feeling no pain, I had been doing shots with my neighbor's sister-in-law. She was perky little blonde about 10 years younger than me. It was after midnight, I was out in the kitchen looking for something to drink and she came in. She said that she hadn't given me a new years kiss, and told me to pucker up. I thought what the hell and prepared to receive her kiss, I thought that it was going to be just a brush on the lips, but oh my she threw her arms around me and gave me a sloppily French kiss. I kissed her back, but what made me so eager is that as her hand brushed my arm if felt like an electrical shock passed between us and those warm memories of high school days flooded into my head. I guess that we kissed a little longer than both of us realized, because when we parted she looked at me slyly and whisper, wow girl I haven't had a kiss like that in years. I guess that I gave her a sheepish confused look because she quickly responded for me not to worry as it was all good.
    I spent months reconciling all of these confusing feeling in my mind. I don't know if it was luck or a curse but my neighbor and her brother are close so I got to see my little blonde friend at least monthly. memorial day was another big party at her house. All day of drinking, volleyball and horseshoes. It was funny as I didn't see much more of her except to say hello. It was night fall, the men were all playing a heated game of horseshoes, and she came up to me and asked if she could use our bathroom, as there house was crowded, I said go ahead, but she didn't want to tramp in a strange house and would I go with her.
    I walked with her, we exchanged small talk about our children along the way, when we finally got in the house and closed the door she threw her arms around me and gave me a passionate kiss, shocked as I was, still I kissed her back with equal passion. We were both pretty drunk and while she slurred her words, she blurted out that she'd been waiting all day to kiss me and all she wanted to do right now was rip my clothes off and love me. I being the sober one said that while I wanted her too that someone would probably come looking for us if we were gone too long. We contented ourselves with more passionate kissing, I played with breasts and went straight to my pussy.
    It was very hard to break that embrace and head back to the party. We have since had several hookups, and they have been extremely hot and more than satisfying. I have begun to ponder my own sexuality, I still enjoy sex with my husband, in fact sex with him after she has made love to me is absolutely out of this world. My husband is a very liberal free thinking person, but I am not sure how he would react if it was his wife that was bi. I know that she feels the same way and she is very happy in her marriage, I have to smile because she can be very graphic when she says things, but told me that while she loves our interludes and they meet needs that her husband does not, she couldn't live without cock.

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