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    Straight Female / 18

    I've been sexually active since I was 12. I developed early, and guys were always pretty interested in me. I've always liked the attention and sex.

    Well... at various family gatherings I sort of made my way around, and gave blowjobs to 4 of my cousins and my older brother, and different events. I really just did it for fun, and to see if I could. Never got turned down, never got any complaints, lol. They were all older than me.

    No one ever said anything to each other, or so I thought. When I was 16, my brother invited me to his place to hang out. When I got there, it was my brother, and all 4 of the cousins I had given blowjobs to. It didn't take long for me to realize that they had all talked about our pasts. To make a long story short, I got drunk and they pretty much gangbanged me. I'd say "gangr**e", but you can't r**e the willing. I don't think it would have mattered if I had said no though. They all took turns fucking me and using my mouth and ass. I actually hadn't done anal before that. I'm not a fan of it, lol. But other than that... I loved every second of it.

    I wound up getting pregnant. We've got no idea whose it was, as I'm pretty sure they all came inside me at some point at least once. We just pinned it on my boyfriend and blamed a broken condom. I ended up having a miscarriage. Anyway, we don't talk about it. I rarely see any of them now, even my brother. I think they're all afraid.

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    That would have been sick of it was your own brothers.
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    I was 10 when my 17 year old brother started to sneak into my room every night. The first time he kept telling me how pretty I was and how much he liked me and offered to give me a massage. That was all he did and it felt wonderful. Gradually it evolved from an innocent massage to both of us being naked and touching each other all over. I was especially fascinated by his big cock and the mass of dark brown pubic hair. He was fascinated by my little pussy which he licked for hours at a time.

    After a while he started showing me porn on his laptop and most of it was videos of brothers and sisters having sex and some showed little girls having sex with their teenage brothers.

    I started having wonderful dreams about my brother and I being married and having a honeymoon and mostly about his penis in my vagina making babies.

    I told my brother about my dreams on my 11th birthday. He asked if that meant I wanted him to fuck me and I said I think so but wasn't sure. So he didn't that night but a few nights later I told him it meant I desperately needed him to fuck me. I was so horny from thinking about it for several days and so he went down on me for a while then I sucked his dick (I was too small to 69 with him comfortably though we did try a few times). Then he told me to get on top and take him inside me. I sad right down on his cock and felt it part my lips. I was so horny from that that I just pushed my self down on him as hard as I could. It felt very painful and stung but I was so horny I didn't care. I just sat there with him inside me. He was very patient and just lay there telling me how sexy I was and that I was now officially a woman. With that I got part way off and sat back down as he had instructed and before long I was fucking him. Unfortunately he came inside me before I was able to achieve an orgasm but he pulled out and fingered me while eating me out which was almost as good as having an orgasm while fucking.

    The next time we fucked, which was the next night, I had an orgasm while he fucked me and when I yelled out that I was cumming he shot his load in me. We have been lovers ever since and now live hundreds of miles away and live as though we are married. Our parents know we live together but don't know we are lovers. We were able to keep it a secret because we have a long house and my parents have a bedroom at one end and we had our bedrooms on the other end.

    I know lots of people will say bad things about my brother. I love him and am glad he introduced me to sex at a young age. The only thing I would change is I would have wished he started earlier, maybe when I was around 3 or 4.
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    Happy to read your confession although I will not agree to sister/brother living together as man/wife but it's your business and pleasure as I understand. I cannot digest the thought of you starting earlier, maybe when you were around 3 or 4.
    Now my confession and question. When I was 12 and my neighbor was 8 we would get together every chance we had. Let me explain, we lived in the country, neighbors, but did not live on a farm. Her parents both worked night shift, my father worked days, my mother was a homekeeper, no outside work. She lived with her grandmother at night when her parents worked but would come home during the day. We began our loving by playing husband/wife. We would get in her dads car, me pretending to be driving and she sitting in the passanger seat. We would talk about any and everything on interest. She soon became interested in sex. She slid over really close and began playing with my dick. It was a shock at first but I got a hard on in a hurry. She continued to play, even unbuttoned her dress but was flat chested. She commented and was depressed that our neighbor girl was growing tits and she wasn't. I explained that our neighbor was 13 and when she gets to be 18 she will have nice tits too. Then she would take my hand and place it on her pussy, bare, no hair, not even any fuzz. She asked me to get on top and put my dick inside her pussy. I was afraid. Although her parents were both sleeping I was afraid one might wake and look out the window. So I suggested we go out near the roadway where there was an unused storage building. We did and there was plenty room. There was some old torn blankets and we lay on them and continue our playing. I slid my finger into her pussy with no problem. She would breath hard. Again she asked me to get on top and put my dick inside her pussy. I had no problem which caused me to wonder. I was 13 and had talked and listened to older friends and relatives and understood that virgins were kinda hard to penetrate at first. She definitely was not a virgin by those standers. But we continued to have sex during our summer vacations from school.
    Now, during this time I talked with our neighbor, 3 months older than me and brother to the girl with tits. We were talking, as teenagers do, and he asked me if I had ever fucked Libby, or neighbor, and the girl I had been fucking. I lied and told him "No. she is to young and I have no desire." He admitted he had several times which explained why she was no longer a virgin.
    Now, we are all older, lots older, in fact the neighbor with big tits and her brother who probably is the one to get Libby'd cherry, are both dead.
    Libby and I lost contact, both got married, bothe her husband and my wife died early, and she saw my email address, knowing there could not be two with a name like that, she emailed me and asked if I was the same ----- she knew as a younger person. I replied that I was the one and only so we began communicating with another via computer. Although we are separated by many miles I continue to return pretty often as I still have family there, Libby and I spend lots of time together and doing our share of fucking. She still loves it but every time I mention our sex days while young she denies it and seems to get mad each time I mention it. NOW, MY QUESTION: Why would a girl that enjoyed fucking so much as a child want to deny it in older days? I am proud of my younger days. In fact, I tell people now that I can still do today the same as I could do as a teenager, only then I could do it all night and now it takes me all night to do it. LOL.
    Hope I didn't use to much space and time.

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