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    Bi-Sexual Female / 51

    Almost a year ago my 25 year old daughter moved in with me after living on her own for nearly five years. We both hold good jobs and one day talked about sharing expenses which would have us living very well. We talked about privacy issues, shared chores and the like and decided that we would be the best room mates each of us could have.

    Since I turned 50, I decided I was going to shed my conservative parental image which I certainly felt was the responsible thing to do for my daughter and set free those private thoughts, fantasies and even desires. Over the years I had various taboo thoughts but always let them subside in favor of setting the right example.

    Before I share what happened, I'll share that my daughter and I look remarkably alike. In fact, many people over the years have said it was striking how much we look alike.We have that light goth look I guess as we both wear a lot of black (no doubt to disguise our curvy shape)have short black hair, very large breasts, (I'm 38G and she is 38HH) full ass and thighs and this would include, do to our heritage of Italian and French,the ability to grow an abundance of pubic hair. We knew each other didn't shave, but just how much.

    Over the later years I would have a passing thought about whether we looked that much alike with our clothes off. I was curious if her areolas were big around like mine and whether or not they were the same color and again, curious if her pussy mirrored mine. These thoughts increased in the last year once I allowed my mind to concentrate on them. I found them to be really arousing, to the point that I would think about them when we were together which was a first.

    During this time I could feel her energy as well and would catch her in that occasional look which indicated to me she too was curious what my tits looked like for instance. Sometimes you just know these things through intuition. My thoughts evolved beyond curiosity one day when we were in the living room and I was on the couch with my lap top, in my robe without any panties on. I had my knees up holding the lap top between them and while not realizing or thinking about it, I was exposing my pussy. She was staring right at my pussy and was trying not to be obvious.

    That night, I masturbated about her looking at my pussy and this was the pivotal moment that changed how and what I thought. Actually masturbating about my daughter looking at my pussy was a new level and becoming more turned on than ever before while doing it told me there was no doubt more to follow. The next day and several days after I was consumed with thoughts. I wanted to go deeper into this and I guess I was hesitating. After reminding myself that I was "letting go", that night I fantasized and masturbated about my daughter not only looking at my pussy, but me noticing and then laying back on the couch and masturbating for her. I had never cum so much in my life.

    The next morning, that's all I could think about. Right then, my daughter called and asked me to go to the mall to shop for bathing suits. She came over and we went out for the day. As she was driving, I was picturing my session the night before. I actually got wet. Once at the mall we picked out a few suits each and headed for the changing room only to find them very busy.There was only one available on the end I told her to go first. She turned to me with a look of desire and said, "let's do it together."

    That instant a million things flashed through my mind. We were going to be naked. Did she suggest this for that reason? Did she feel that this was the "permission slip" we both needed? Would we turn our backs on each other and undress? Would we cleverly cover up while changing? We opened the door and there were two benches and hooks on each side. We hung our
    suits on the hooks and then turned toward each other. To my surprise, she said, "I've been waiting for this." I just calmly smiled and said, "me too." That said all that needed to be said.

    We both took off our tops, then slide down our jeans. We're standing in bra and panties with anticipation. She said, "will you unhook my bra?" I said, "sure." She turned around and I unsnapped it, then I did the same. We faced each other and dropped our bras. Our huge tits fell out. We both stared for several minutes. My question was answered. Our areolas were very much the same in size and the light brown color. She said, "do you nipple really grow large when you're turned on?" Rather than say anything, I started tugging on them and rubbing them. It didn't take long and they were incredibly erect. My daughter said,"mom, those are amazing."

    Oddly enough, we were very comfortable. I think because we both knew that this day would come. We spent another five minutes or so getting our nipples hard and both just admiring the other. Then I just looked her in the eye and slide down my panties to reveal my big triangle of hair. She then did the same and she too was incredibly hairy. We both then sat on our respective benches and opened our legs for each other to see. Both of our lips were alike which is, in simple terms, big. Our hair travels down the inside of our thighs and is very thick. My daughter said, "I love yours." I then said, "I think yours is very sexy."

    While it was a bit bold, I said, " I've masturbated about you looking at me." She then said, "remember that time in the living room when I was looking? I masturbated about it that night." That turned me on so much! I brought my hand down to my pussy and started fingering myself with my middle two fingers. You could hear my fingers sloshing around I was so wet. She then started to masturbate. We both starred at each others pussy's and fingered ourselves wildly trying not to make any noise. She looked at me and whispered. "I'm going to cum." Right then, she squirted! The first squirt hit my feet. I started cumming. As She squirted again and then a third time, I was mouthing the words, "oh my God!"

    Th is was so amazingly hot. I had no idea that she would squirt. We were both nearly uncontrollable we were so turned on. I wanted more. I wanted i****t with my daughter. I could tell that she was there too. We stood up and stepped toward each other. We met and our tits touched. We then leaned in and kissed. She put her hands on my ass and began rubbing it. I did the same to her. I then put my hand on her tit and began to feel her. Our kiss got passionate. I then said, "let's go home."

    We got dressed, left the suits hanging there and headed for the car. The ride home seemed like forever. I said, "are you with this?" She said, "oh my God yes." We got home and headed for my room. We both tore off our clothes and laid on the bed. We began to finger each other and kiss again. Now we could be vocal and both of us were moaning and panting. I whispered in her ear, "lick me please." I spread my legs and pulled them back so my knees hit my tits. My c**t was wide open for her. As I watched her head get close to my pussy it seemed like slow motion. I began to say, "oh my God, oh my God" in anticipation of her tongue.

    With my ass in the air, I could see her clearly as her tongue reached my hairy lips. It was so surreal. I was having i****t and had never been so turned on. She put her fingers in my while she tongued me. It only took a minute or so and I knew I was going to cum. I said, "I'm going to cum honey, moms going to cum." She moaned sucked harder as I said that as if to say, "yes, cum for me." I let it go and she sucked wildly to ensure she was getting it all. She now laid on her back and I was going to lick my first pussy. Never did I think it would be my own daughters. I loved it. She was incredibly wet. I licked up and down her pussy and ass. It was euphoric. Within a few minutes she let me know she was going to cum and said," mom, I'm going to squirt again. I'm going to squirt on you." She did. Oh my word. It soaked my hair and face. I was swallowing as fast as I could.

    We laid there and got our breath not saying a word. She then said, "that was so fucking hot." I said, "oh,. I agree." The next month she moved in with me. We continue to explore and it has evolved into us eating each other in a 69 and enjoying toys like a large strap-on dildo and rabbit vibrator. We have been doing this for eight months about once a week and we both continue to find it very exciting. Recently we talked about how it might be if we invited another woman to be with us.We both agreed that that might to remain a fantasy as finding a woman who would understand and condone i****t might be hard to find.

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    Wow that was so amazing. I would like it if you please tell us more. Also have you and your daughter ever used a double ended dildo? Please say yes. Also I don't care if you are having sex with your daughter. I except mother and daughter i****t. I hope that you write again thank you.
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    If I was her father and walked in seeing you eating our daughters pussy and saw her squirt my cock would be so hard I would walk over and tell you to suck my cock right in front of our daughter. I would tell you to suck my cock good and hard as I put my cock in your mouth. Fucking your mouth as she watched us. Pinch your nipples making you moan. As I am close to cumming I tell you not to swallow but share it with our daughter. You moan as I squirt in your mouth. Some dribbles down your chin on your tits. I motion our daughter to clean mommys tits with her tongue. You moan with my cum in your mouth. She licks my cum from your tits and moves up to kiss you as you drool my cum in her mouth. I am hard again watching this. I move up behind her and slide my cock in her pussy. Its soaking wet. You moan watching her being fucked. I lick her neck and whisper in her ear to tell mommy to lick her clit as daddy fucks her. You hear this and moan. She guides your head to her clit. You lick and suck her clit and my cock sliding in and out. She tells you she is about to squirt again. I pump her harder telling her to flood mommys mouth. She starts to cum and I pull my cock out watching her squirt pussy juices all over your face in your mouth and on your tits. This is so hot to watch I jerk my cock to squirt cum on both if yiu. Mmmm would that be hot to get her father to do this with you both?
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    OP Fantastic story. Made me hard as hell.
    I don't think you have any trouble finding another female to Join you and your daughter once you post Mother /Daughter team for a Female.
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    I can relate. My wife and I have only one child, our son. While I always participated in his upbringing fully, when he was around 3 or 4 I stopped giving him a bath, that became my wife's sole duty. This was due to my work hours so I was never home at bath time.

    Years later when my son Jason was 12 my wife died. She had been complaining of odd pains and so she want to the doctor who told her she was in an advanced stage of cancer and had only weeks at most to live. She had barely gotten her will revised and her other affairs in order two weeks later when she died.

    Jason and I did not know that this entire time my wife had been quite thrifty around the household and had made some investments behind my back including a very good insurance policy. She was always smarter than me. I'd have blown through every pay check had she not collected it when I got home from work on payday. The insurance paid $500k and she had another $600k in investments and a secret annuity from her late grandmother that I never knew about. We had mortgage insurance so the house got paid as well. When all was said and done, Jason had a college fund and I had almost enough to retire on though I chose to continue working. The annuity and some of her investments required that I go back to the city where she was born and transact some business, sign some paperwork. Jason's mom had some relatives still living in that city and so we decided to make it a family visit as well.

    It was a long trip so we had to spend two nights in motels. The first night I sent Jason off to get ready for bed first. While he was in the bathroom I began to have the urge to piss so I knocked on the door to ask when he was going to be done and the door just swung open. It hadn't been latched. So open the door went and before I could react in any way I was staring at my gorgeous naked 12 year old son who stood there glaring at me while continuing to jerk off like crazy taking occasional glances at the lap top sitting on the counter which was displaying gay porn depicting an older man ass fucking a boy who looked around Jason's age. He didn't stop. He started to come and shocked me at the range of his squirts of cum. I didn't know he had begun masturbating yet let alone had an interest in intergenerational gay porn. It wasn't until he was done cumming that he finally grabbed a towel and yelled at me to leave. From the time I knocked on the door to the time he yelled at me was maybe twenty seconds, it happened that fast.

    When he got out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his gorgeous lean athletic little body, I just walked past him as casually as I could and got into the bathroom and stripped down for my own shower. I don't know why but I decided to leave the bathroom door about a foot open. Five minutes into my shower I was enjoying a relaxing private jerking off of my own when my son came into the bathroom completely naked and sat down on the toilet seat. The shower doors were a sort of frosted glass so I could not see clearly but I could tell he wasn't wearing anything when he sat down. He didn't say anything but he finished his business and got up and flushed the toilet and left leaving the bathroom door wide open. I decided not to finish jerking off and just finish my shower. I could always jerk off later. When I got out of the shower I noticed my clothes were gone but the towel was still hung up. Jason occasionally took charge of laundry so that was nothing strange in of itself. I finished up my nightly routine and came out wrapped in a towel to find Jason completely naked on his bed with his laptop open surfing the net. I couldn't see what he was looking at but I don't think it was porn as he was not jerking off again. He glanced over and apologized for yelling saying that I had taken him by surprise. I said "no problem" and took off my towel and very slowly took my time getting on a pair of sweet pants before climbing under the covers. We turned off the lights and I watched TV while Jason continued laying there naked playing on his lap top.

    I woke up the next day to find Jason completely asleep naked on top of the covers having made no effort to cover himself up.

    I could not help but take a look at his lap top. I knew his password, he had told it to me a dozen times though I never before used it. I got into and started looking around. I found his list of favorite web sites and nearly all were gay porn sites. I found the last site he had looked at and it was an illegal site (how he found it and got a membership I could only guess) that specialized in men fucking preteen boys. There was the one video I had glanced at the night before showing a boy around 12 getting ass fucked. He kept saying "fuck me Daddy." and the older man kept calling him "Jason." The guy looked a little like me. I started to get the idea that this was not a random choice of videos.

    I started to look around at his files and found a story he had written about how his dad had caught him jerking off in the bathroom then made him suck his Dad's cock and how much he liked the way the cum tasted and how he yearned for his Dad to fuck him in the ass like the video he had watched showed.

    I looked around and found several more short stories he had written and they were all fantasies about him having gay sex with me.

    It was about then that he woke up.

    Over breakfast I asked him if he was gay. At first he denied it and then finally admitted that he was bi. That was when I told him I too as bi. Then I confessed to being very attracted to young blond haired blue eyed boys with hot lean slender bodies like his. Then I complimented his ass and told him he had the prettiest eyes. I couldn't help myself. He was sitting there naked in front of me. I hadn't seen him naked since he was around four and he had grown into one hot little stud.

    That was when he asked if I would ever want to have gay sex with him. Ten minutes later I was sucking on his tongue while fucking the daylights out of his hot tight little faggot ass.

    We have fucked nearly every day since.
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    shame, spelled with capitals, SHAME!
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    #4 Way to go. I would have been sucking his cock dry. UUUMMM
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    I find your confession a real turn on and can relate to it as I've had ( having) a very similar experience with my daughter.I'm 47 and live in the UK. I got married young ( even though my step-father warned me against it as he didn't like my husband) but I went ahead and got married ( big mistake). The first years were good and I became pregnant with my daughter after just over a year of being married. Things started to go wrong in the marriage a few years later, we began arguing a lot and finally separated when our daughter was around 8. My parents were very supportive, especially my step-Dad, who never once said I told you so. Since an early age ( around 13) I've been highly sexed after playing around with boys, nothing heavy, like full sex, just wanking and sucking cocks and having my pussy fingered and licked and my tits played with. When my divorce came through, I was going out a lot, getting friends to babysit my daughter. I was enjoying the single life again and attracting a lot of men and experiencing some really amazing sex again.
    I know this sounds wrong, but I was going through men like they were going out of fashion and acting like a total slut, but it turned me on.Things were going well, I got a nice flat after the sale of the marital home and was very Happy and contented. The years went by and I watched my daughter grow and blossom into a nice pretty young lady of 15. I went out on a date one night not having to worry about a baby sitter as my daughter was old enough to look after herself. I told my daughter not to wait up as I had my house key on me, but told her I didn't want her to have anyone round, so left her money to get a take away and had loads of DVDs she could watch..I arrived home around 2.00am with a guy I met at the club I went to. We crept in and I made a coffee before heading to my bedroom. I was feeling very Horny and once in the bedroom was on the guy like a rash, ripping his clothes off almost and went down on his cock, sucking and stroking it. The guy couldn't believe his luck, soon he had me in a 69, I was dripping wet his tongue flicked over my lips, sucking on them and nibbling my clit, I was in heaven and oblivious to anything around me, the guy was whispering filth in between licking me, telling me my c**t was so went and calling me a filthy bitch, which turned me on even more.I then had a strange feeling we weren't alone, the position I was in, faced the door, I glanced up and saw the door partially open and my daughter standing watching us, I didn't know what to do, I looked at her as if to say..Go to your room, but she stayed there. She gave me a smirk, then I watched her slip her hand into her panties and begin to rub her pussy, she had no top on and her breasts looked lovely, her nipples hard where she was excited.She began licking her lips and rubbing her pussy harder, watching her watching me was making me hornier.My heart was pounding , my head in a spin. Just then the guy said...God I need to fuck you babe...I looked at my daughter and she bit her bottom lip and gave me a dirty smirk. I made a gesture to my daughter with my tell her to move away from the door so the guy wouldn't see her, which she did take the hint. I swung round and positioned myself over the guys cock, held it and guided it into my dripping pussy. I rode him hard , bouncing on his big solid shaft I looked up and saw my daughter in the mirror, her eyes were fixed on the guys cock and I could tell by her face, she was extremely excited, so I decided to give her a good show. I told the guy...pull my arse cheeks apart and fuck my c**t hard....go on fuck it hard, ram that cock in me. He did as I asked and became more excited ...Oh fuck you filthy bitch!!! he moaned...Yes, I am a filthy bitch and I want your fucking spunk all up my back and over my arse.That did the trick, he pulled out and gave his cock a couple of jerks I then felt his cum shoot up my back and then all over my arse. I was sweating, I looked up and my daughter had gone, big sigh of relief. I sucked his cock clean, he got dressed and left.
    I went and stood outside my daughters room and could hear her moaning softly, I gently opened the door and there she was, naked on the bed, legs apart and bent and two fingers going in and out of her pussy. She opened her eyes and I gave her a smile, she looked at me, I'm sorry Mum......don't be silly darling, I told her, your going to enjoy things like that, you look like you need some relief, I'll get something for you. I went back to my room and got one of my many dildo's.There darling, this will feel much nicer than your fingers. I slowly pushed it in, she gave out a moan, I lowered my head and began licking her clit as I pushed the dildo in and out of her juicy hole....she raised her hips...Oh yesss Mum, fuck my juicy wet c**t. I thrust the dildo in and out as I nibbled her clit, she squealed...Oh Fuck I'm going to cum yesss yessssss, with that she squirted soaking my hand. I slowly withdrew the dildo and sucked her juice off it, then licked her juicy wet hole wetting my lips with her juice,then moving up and kissing her our tongues wrestling. That night she slept with me and in the morning we chatted about what had happened and put her mind at rest. We often have sex together and told her that once she becomes of age, we'd share a cock together, so not long to wait thankfully as the sight of a cock fucking her, makes me so wet and horny.

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