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    If and it's a big if, my husband Liam could have satisfied me more often, or at least made an effort to give me the kind of sex, when we did occasionally have sex, then I doubt I would have done what I did on our recent holiday.
    Months, maybe over eighteen months I'd been asking him to give me more sex and sex that excited me. Hard horny and sometimes extremely dirty sex. But Liam's answer was always "You should be happy to get what I give you".
    On a recent holiday we took to Antigua, I took the opportunity to indulge myself with a local guy who could not take his eyes off me for two days, as we lazed around the pool. Liam as he often has over the years we've been together, got himself drunk drinking beer, then rum, then cocktails on the third day of our ten day holiday. By the early evening he was flat out on a sun bed and I was so annoyed.
    It was the young guy, a barman, who had been eyeing me up over the previous two days, that came over and covered Liam up with a large towel to protect him from the sun. Once covered the young man looked me over and in a very forward way asked me if I wanted to spend the rest of the night in his room.
    I'd never kissed a black man before, let alone let him slide his huge cock over my tongue. Nevertheless, that's what I found myself doing to Kalvin, the young twenty year old barman.
    His room was sparsely decorated, but he had the largest of beds. A bed I knew he'd probably fucked plenty of married women on. Even so, knowing he wanted me sexually got me all turned on and without too much fuss, I found myself naked and in a sixty nine with him.
    His cock is far larger than my husbands, and without having measured it, I would say knowing Liam's is six and half inches, Kalvin's was around nine to ten inches and far thicker than Liam's too.
    Once I'd been sucking on his glorious cock for some considerable time, and he'd had me climaxing twice from his wonderful tonguing of my pussy and arse, I watched him roll a condom down his thick pulsating cock shaft. Moving me into a kneeling position, I felt rather than saw his cock spread my pussy lips and labia's and finally enter my soaking wet pussy. His cock stretched my hole wife as it slid in and within seconds of his first thrust, I was on the verge of orgasm again.
    There to me is no shame in saying that young man used me as a fuck piece. He literally fucked me over and over again, making me/us change positions more than a few times, with my pussy taking a severe hammering. Finally with my ankles on his shoulders and having cum countless times, he removed his cock from my pussy and slowly, very slowly slid it up my arsehole.
    I honestly have never felt such a sexual rush, as I got from his cock slamming in and out of my arse. I couldn't describe just how amazingly powerful the feeling was of his cock pounding my rear love box. On and on he went thrusting into me as if I was a rag doll only there to satisfy his desires. And I couldn't have cared less. All I wanted from him was his cock and youthful energy, and in bucket loads he gave it to me, until I'd climaxed once more and he eventually forced his cock so deep up my arsehole, I could feel his powerful thrusts in my stomach.
    Kalvin came hard inside me and at first, I thought the condom had burst as his cum appeared to be filling my bowels. But it was just the amount of semen that he produced filling the rubber sheath that made it feel that way.
    Once he'd removed his cock, he picked his phone up and phoned someone. Turning to me, he told me he was having Liam taken to our room, and that he was still passed out. Smiling at me, Kalvin asked me if I wanted fucking again.
    It was an hour later when I entered the hotel room where Liam was sleeping soundly on our bed. Kalvin and I had licked sucked and fucked al over again and by the time I took a shower, I was sexually worn out.
    The following day Liam had the mother of all hang overs, and wanted to call off our boat trip. But I didn't. He suffered the rest of that morning and into the afternoon as I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Getting back to our hotel around four ish, Liam went to our room to sleep and I took a drink at the bar. Needless to say when Kalvin asked me if I'd like to join him in his room later on, I took the opportinity to indulge in his black charms again.
    In all over the rest of our holiday, I had sex with Kalvin at least half a dozen times, with one of the best times on the final night before we departed. The strange thing was, Liam didn't get drunk, but he did put himself in front of a tv set to watch his favourite team back home.
    Whilst my husband watched his football, I was sucking on the balls of a young black man before he fucked the shit out of me on his large very well used bed.
    Since being back home, if anything Liam has become even less interested in sex. So I've joined a chat site for lonely women, mostly married women who want to find young men to have sex with. In a weeks time (Hopefully) I'm going to meet up with a guy, a black guy close to where we live. And if everything goes well, I'm going to have him fucking me, just as I did that young guy called Kalvin on Antigua.

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    Well I hope you die. If you are miserable and from what I read you are no longer in love. You will alone. You don't deserve to be happy and in love. Also may someone strike you down. You don't deserve happiness.
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    if you come to south Africa, Johannesburg let me know.
    I will treat you likely.
    here's my email. glorymwine@@g***l.**m

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