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    Straight Male / 35

    I've been married now for over 14 years to a very beautiful blond and have threes kids. I'm very attractive and get alot of flirts but have remain faithful up to now. I own my own business and one day this 19 yr old very rough red head pulls into my garage to have her car looked at. She has her mother with her and a year old girl in the baby seat. She was VERY VERY petite with no boobs or just stubs and a ton of freckles. We looked at her car and we needed to order the [part so we scheduled a come back on Friday. It was late July hot and just her showed up to get her car done. She had on a very tight top with very short shorts and on her little figure it was like drolling over a 13 yr old. She came up and immediately her green eyes met mine and wow we both felt it. We started to flirt with each other and it was hott. She left that day but on Tuesday I ran into her again at McDonald and she had her daughter. We ate together and I told her about my family and how they would be out of town that weekend. She looked at me and asked if I was sure I wanted this. My brain said NO but my dick wanted to experience something new and that was her. I told her yes lets meet and on Friday her mom watched her daughter and we went out for dinner. Food at this point was the last thing we wanted and went to my house to watch a movie. Again she stopped me and asked if this was what I wanted because she doesn't just fuck anyone but had seen me long before I noticed her and has always been horny for me. I had just been with one woman for over 14 years and I had always thought what it would be like. She said this was not just a one night stand but in fact wanted me. I lied and told her my wife and I where not happily married and she even cheated on me which was a lie. She giggled a little and we started to kiss. I started to move very quickly but she told me she couldn't fuck me at my married home and asked me to come to her place. I said OK. We arrived at her tiny apartment in the slums and it was bad. No furniture just had a mattress on the bedroom floor with cloths everywhere. I was too horny to leave now and we started kissing. She had some perfume on that I will never forget Its not that it was great its just that it smelled different than my wife. It wasn't long she went to her knees and pulled out my dick, she giggled a little and put it in her mouth and suck hard. I just leaned and enjoyed until she stopped lead me over to the her bed and stripped. I could not believe how beautiful a flat chested woman could be. They had large rings around but they were flat. She layed down and I started sucking her tits and she moaned. Then I moved down to her hairless teen pussy and ate it out. Yes hairless, someone needs to tell my wife to shave her pussy because from now on i'm only fucking hairless pussy. I came back up she put a blanket over us that smelled of her perfume and I slipped into heaven. Now it was time to fuck and she asked me one more time if I wanted this and I said yes and put it in her little body with no condom. WOW this is what I have been missing, it was so wet and fantastic. She started to buckle up and came hard and sprayed all over my dick. We were soaked but kept on fucking. She kept telling me that her pussy was mine and she wanted me for ever. I told her I would leave my wife for her and came in her pussy. We never slept we just kept on fucking and then she would sit on me with my dick in her and we would hold each other and rest. She kept on telling me how she needed a man and that I would take good care of her and her daughter. I told her to give me about a month to tell my wife and in the meantime I had to take care of this girls sexual desire. We even fucked at my house in our married bed. It was soaked with her juices when done. Well its been four months now and I still haven't told my wife, and she told me last night she was pregnant with our child and I needed to fess up as the father and start taking care of her. I don"t want to hurt anyone. But for some strange reason I want her. Sorry Honey

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    She sounds very tempting, but, YOU FUCKED UP! Your wife can completely ruin your life for you now. What kind of life do you think that you and your little white trash cutie will have after that? I love new pussy as much as any man, but when you knocked her up, you've sealed your doom. Honestly your story, of fucking that girl reminds me of some of my own experiences, and it gave me a rush remembering the first time I drove my cock into a fresh new pussy. I wish you well, but I doubt very seriously that this will end well, for any of you. Including the child that you've just fathered.
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    Ah, once again a man thinks with his dick instead of his damn HEAD!! When will you guys learn? Either divorce the wife before you fuck around or stay faithful to your wife until death do you part or don't get married in the first place!

    God damn it, some people will never learn!
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    So stupid to get her pregnant. You could have fucked her all you wanted and be done. Forget your wife, what kind of shit will your kids think about you know. Holy fuck, are you stupid? Hot story about the sex but that's as far as this story goes.

    Maybe I'm not to judge becaus I'm not married but I new fucked pussy and young gay ass a bunch of times that sex will not impair my thinking.

    Update us on how your life goes down a spiral, your wife divorces you, you start having financial troubles, and end up hating that young slut for tuning your life (but in reality it's your fault) "sorry huney" ha you are fucked!!!
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    What a dumb ass.
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    Well this is what we call "young dumb full of cum". As Red For man from That 70's show would say " you dumbass". Another man thinking about his dick. We call guys like you dick head. Nice going there dumb ass.
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    Haha you're fucked.
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    Hahaha, you're so fucked. Wait until you have financial issues and that red hair whore leaves you, child support on your wives kids and on your new kid will fuck you hard. Stupid stupid stupid stupid, you probably hate yourself right now. This is going to be a scandle, a lot of the people you love will definitely lose respect and trust for you. YOU ARE FUCKED!
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    Fell into a similar situation except the woman was a little older than my wife. Ended up getting her preggo but she got rid of it because she didn't want to fuck my life up. Major wake up call. Don't do it.

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