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    Straight Male / 45

    My step-daughter and her boyfriend broke up the other day they have a baby together. He left her raising the baby by herself. She worked full time he was home with the baby. Now she has no one to turn to but us (my wife and I) she know I took a medical retirement and stay home dad. She ask if I can watch the baby when she go's to work for the time being until she can get her things together. I agree for a short time beside baby sleep most of the time anyway.

    The first couple days baby sitting was fine until I got bore and decided to snoop around her bedroom. She has some sexy lingerie and I can tell she has good taste and know how to pick them. I took them off the hanger and smell them and even play with them. I then went over to her dirty clothes basket and pull out some of her sexy panties she had wore. I smell them and even tasted the crotch area and it tasted good. That white crusty spot she left on her panties. I licked and sucking clean then I put it back. I was doing that every time I baby sit.

    She told me she have baby milk bottles in the refrigerator from her breasts for the baby. I said I will feed the baby don't worry and I did feed the baby. But she has so many bottles in the refrigerator I though I will try a bottle of her milk. It wasn't bad at all so I finish the whole bottle. When she came home and said wow the baby must be hungry and I said yes. Little does she know I drank a bottle.

    This went on longer than I wanted to baby sit but I wasn't going to complaint about it because I started to like it. She start to get comfortable with me watching the baby. She got home early one day because she has so much milk in her breasts it start to hurt and she needed to pump it out. I was surprise to see her using the breasts pump in front of me. I kind of look dumb at first then she said oh daddy is not that you haven't seem woman breasts before. I rolled my eyes and said you are correct as she is pumping away.

    Then she said damn it I run out of empty bottles and I said can I help and do anything. She laugh out loud and said yes if you could suck the rest of the milk out of my breasts that would release my pain. I said if you want me to. She said I was joking but if you really want to I will let you. I didn't wast any time but to suck her breasts with all that milk in my mouth. I didn't want her to change her mind. She was sitting down on the couch and I was laying across her lap with her breast in my mouth. I suck each one of her breasts until is all gone.

    She realize my cock was getting hard when I was sucking her breasts. She unzip my pants and pull my cock out and start to stroking it then suddenly I shot my load of cum up in the air. She said daddy you just wasted a good cum. I said what do you mean. She said I would of suck your cock and you could of cum in my mouth. I said really and she said that is the least I can do for you since you are watching my baby. We end up having sex every day when she come home from work.

    After that day I was looking forward to baby sit and my wife though I was being a good grandpa for the baby. Her daughter never told her about us and I am not about to tell her, not knowing what will happen.

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