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    Straight Male / 52

    My name is Steve. And I love to lick my step doughters used panties. Her name is shantelle. And shantelles panties taste so yummy. I love her panties so much. I love shantelles panties. I lick all of her yummy golden yellow pantie candy. Her panties taste so awesome. Shantelles panties are awesome. I love her panties so much.

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    Shantelle. I love your panties so much I will lick a pair of your panties in front of you. You can bring all of your friends too. Please be a good girl, and let me lick your panties in front of you and your friends. I am not shy. You can take pictures of me licking your yummy golden yellow pantie candy.
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    Swap and share with my daughters panties too
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    OK. I will. I am not shy, I will lick your doughters panties. You can watch me. But make sure that her panties have lots of yummy golden yellow pantie candy for me. I need lots of pantie candy.
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    The girlfriend I was dating has a young teen daughter and I love to lick and suck her panties. Whenever I was at her place I go to their bathroom looking for her panties and find the one with white crusty spot on it and just sit on the toilet and lick it clean. They keep the dirty laundry hamper in the bathroom.

    This is for the mom if you do laundry and found your daughter panties is clean at the crotch area. This is the sign that your boyfriend or some one is licking your daughter panties clean.
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    Shantelle I love to lick your PANTIES.
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    I love shantelles panties. Her panties are yummy. I love licking her panties
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    Steve loves your yummy panties. Please tell everyone about this. I will pay you lots of money
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    Shantelle I love to eat your panties. Your panties are so yummy. I have been licking your panties for a long time. I love your panties and you know it. I lick all of your yummy pantie candy.
    10 days ago

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