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    Straight Male / 52

    My name is Steve. And I love to lick my step doughters used panties. Her name is shantelle. And shantelles panties taste so yummy. I love her panties so much. I love shantelles panties. I lick all of her yummy golden yellow pantie candy. Her panties taste so awesome. Shantelles panties are awesome. I love her panties so much.

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    Shantelle. I love your panties so much I will lick a pair of your panties in front of you. You can bring all of your friends too. Please be a good girl, and let me lick your panties in front of you and your friends. I am not shy. You can take pictures of me licking your yummy golden yellow pantie candy.
    6 days ago
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    Swap and share with my daughters panties too
    5 days ago
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    OK. I will. I am not shy, I will lick your doughters panties. You can watch me. But make sure that her panties have lots of yummy golden yellow pantie candy for me. I need lots of pantie candy.
    4 days ago

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