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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 32

    Simply put, I've been cheating on my husband for over a year. And the reason why, is he can't sometimes get or maintain an erection. That's if he can be bothered to stop drinking in the first place.
    Meeting Luke a twenty two year old guy at work was the sexual salvation to my dilemma. He didn't want a relationship and I only wanted a fuck buddy. Perfect for us both.
    Right from our first liaison it got very kinky and really dirty dirty. I enjoy being treated roughly and Luke adores fucking hard and deep. He also enjoys as I do, anal sex, something my husband wouldn't entertain.
    Our first fuck was in a side room across from my office. He'd for some time given me hints about wanting sex, so after being refused sex at home again the night before, I had Luke follow me into the small storage room. We both knew why we were there so it wasn't too much of a shock to him when I took out his cock and began to suck it. What was a surprise was how large it grew from humble beginnings. Suitably erect and massive I might add, I hitched up my skirt, pulled my panties to one side and told him to fuck which ever hole he wished.
    Luke took turns to fuck my pussy and ass, to two amazing orgasms, before he too came hard filling my rear passage. We were back at ouir respective desks five minutes later with Lukes cum leaking into my panties as I sat down. Later the same day, close to finishing time, I grabbed him and made him enter the ladies wash room with me. There was no foeplay, only Luke fucking from behind as I leaned over the toilet bowl. Again he came up me. but this time up my pussy but not before I'd climaxed hard on his long thick cock.
    Every single chance I get now, I have Luke fuck me. At work, outside of work in his or my car and quite often at a motel we now use for sex. I have even had sex in our marital bed when my husband works away, but it's mostly those quick off the cuff fucks, I enjoy the most.
    Now I've had a young man fuck me, if and when Luke and I stop having sex, i think I'll always chest on my husband. How else will I get what I need.

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    Wow talk about being the family whore. Well good luck when your husband finds out you have been cheating on him. What goes comes around. Your husband can do a lot better then be married to someone like you. I am so glad that you don't have any children. You would make one horrible mother.

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