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    Straight Female / 40

    About a month ago, I read in the news a story about a female teacher who was married,
    and got pregnant by one of her teenage students.
    For some reason I got turned on reading about her.

    I have been having dreams nonstop now about have a young teenage boy as a lover.

    I think about how excited and "energetic" he would be in bed with me.
    I think about how often he would be able to recharge.
    And yes, I think about all the youthful sperm that would be put inside my body.

    The way our house is set up, I already thought about how easy it would be for a young
    guy to sneak into the house without being seen by neighbors.

    My husband has dark hair, so I would pick a boy that matched that at least.
    I already thought about how I could limit sex with my husband, or avoid it all together,
    especially on days that I have the best chance to be ovulating.
    The baby would be brought up in a very loving home, with a mother and father who would
    always love them dearly.

    I have a daughter who is a sophomore in high school, imagine her walking down the hall
    and having no idea that one of her classmates got her own mother pregnant!

    The last time my husband and I made love, the entire time I pretended it was a teenage
    boy on top of me, and it was the best sex for me that I have had in years.

    I know this is something I will never act on, but I cant stop dreaming about it.
    Why do I want to have a teenage boys baby????
    Why does just that idea excite me?

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    So, you want a wham, bam, thank you ma'am.
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    Probably for the same reason older men would appreciate a teenage girl. Youth and energy can be contagious. Getting pregnant by one and raising their baby is a little more unusual but hey...
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    So basically you have you lost sexually lost interest in your husband. Now you you want to cheat on him. Have you ever heard of what goes around comes around. You also want to break your husband's heart. From what I am reading it seems to me that you are no longer in love with your husband. Your husband is basically going to think is "I married you for nothing and that the marriage was a waste of my time". If you were to cheat on him and you and your husband stop having sex he is going to know that you you are pregnant. He is going to know right away that he is not the father. Also your daughter is going to hate you. You are going to be known as a child m****ter and you would be fired from teaching. Your husband is probably going to want a divorce. You will be known as the family whore.
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    I've read another confession where a woman had two kids with her teenage sons friend. The husband thinks theirs his but the teenage friend of her son is the biological father in her story though the teen would rub his cock on purpose against her to tease her, until forsed sex on her she liked it they began to have sex when ever they could and he eventually got her pregnant. So she has a boy and a girl... She mentioned on the confession that it put a financial strain on the marriage because they were both unexpected babies so she returned to work and now doesn't have time to have an affair with the guy who is now a young adult. So your not the first one and it's out there. And to tell you truth is not as bad when the women is older, I used to fuck a 19 year old when I was 14 and she loved it, we had lots of sex. I never reported it to anyone because I seek out the sex. It would have been crazy though to get her pregnant at that age which could have happened because we never used a condom. Good luck hope you find a guy that can handle it and fuck. You better be hot or else it's not going to work.

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