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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    It won't take long for e to express my desire, so you don't have to get a beer and pop corn to read it. Don't get me wrong, I love being with a woman and enterring her warm vaginal avity, but, I would really like to have a relationship with another man. No anal, no mouthful of the sticky stuff, just make love to a male penis and have the same done to me. No sticky stuff in the mouth, and no anal, just sucking and enjoy being sucked. I want to watch as the guy spews his load and feel it on my bare chest, and be able to get the same feeling. I want to play with his hardness, stroke it and lick it, and take it as far in my oral cavity as humanly possible. Now, the drawback, the other guy must be disease free, as I am. I want to be able to do something and enjoy it, without worry. Yes, at my age I can still get 6 hard inches, but, I am not able to spew a lot of cum, and I think that is why I want to watch someone who can squirt a large load. I have had an operation that dried me up, but I still get the feeling. Hopefully, there is some oldeer, physical appearing male who has the same thoughts, and maybe we can act out our fantacies.

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    I understand, I was that way myself. I started getting fucked very late in my life, and after the first time having a man use me and my body for his pleasure and squirting deep deep inside me, I think I was hooked. I'm very careful though with partners, I have gotten where I really feel empty inside when a cock isn't punching in and out of me. I love the feeling of a man squirting inside my butt. I have started blowing and taking the cum in my mouth (sometimes swallow, sometimes spit) and I enjoy it. I do prefer the feeling of a cock in my hand and in my mouth without the cum, but if it hits my ass I want the juice. I was the same as you, and then I got hooked.
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    I like to watch porn, and really get turned on. It seems when the guy pulls out and spews his spunk, I really get excited. it reminds me of my younger, young,numb and full of cum days. That feeling, oh wow, it felt so good that you never wanted it ti stop. Now, I get the feeling, which is very intense, but very little, to no, ejaculate. I guess that's why I get so turned on by watching a guy spew his load. I would like it on me instead of in me, though. That really makesme excited.
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    I'm just like you in as much as I love sex with women. I love their soft skin, and sweet scent. Everything. But like you, I too would like to have a relationship with another man,... just for a switch. I've often wondered what it would be like to suck a nice cock. Like you, I don't want any kind of anal, just some really nice oral sex. I know what drives me wild when a woman sucks my cock, so I'd do all of those things for another guy. I've had women though who would suck my cock almost to completion, and then switch to jacking me off to finish me. They said they don't like to have a guy to cum in their mouth. What a complete let down. You're ready to blast her mouth with a load of hot cum, and she stops sucking, and starts stroking. Its just not the same. The feeling is good, but not anything like having someone to let you finish in their mouth as they keep sucking away, until you're spent. That being said, if I was going to suck a guys cock for him, I'd finish what I started. Once he started breathing hard, moaning, and thrusting in my mouth, I'm sure that I'd be so turned on that I'd want to give him everything he was expecting. And I too would want to do it, to have the entire experience. What the hell, it can't be that bad. I've tasted my own cum before out of curiosity. I'm sure if a guy was fucking my mouth, I could take his load for his pleasure.

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