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    Posted by Anonymous

    We piled a group of family members into our minivan to go to a wedding. There were 13 of us in an eight person van. My 17 year old son was sitting in the back row, and since I'm petite, I climbed in next to him. As more people piled in, I eventually moved to sit on his lap.

    I wasn't thinking anything sexual AT ALL even though that's how it turned out (no surprise, right!?!). I was wearing a short light summer dress and soon after we were driving, I could feel that my dress was climbing part way over my butt. My son didn't pull it up, it just slid up a little bit from moving to get seated. Well, I realized that he was getting hard. I only had on a thong, and he just had on cheap suit pants (not lined) and boxer shorts. I know this sounds horrible, but I had bought them for him because it was really hot and thought he'd be cooler.

    Well, I sat there feeling his erect head pressed between my butt cheeks. I looked back and asked if he was getting crushed and tried to move as if I was going to get off of his lap. When I moved, I stepped on my daughter's foot and she shrieked "ouch!". I bent over to look at her foot and say I was sorry, but that just pushed my poor son's erection hard against my pussy! He felt it, I could feel it, and just like that he shot a load of semen through his pants. I reacted naturally (unfortunately) and clenched down on his dick, basically jerking him off between my legs and rubbing his head in my crotch. He came FOREVER - I could feel him pumping and I tried to pretend I was looking at my daughter's foot and saying sorry to her. HE came so much that I could feel him making me wet between my legs with his cum.

    After he was done, I moved forward on his legs and tried to pull my dress into place. The drive was long enough that his pants didn't look too bad when we arrived at the wedding. I could definitely see the outline of his stain, but I had to look. I leaned over to him and said I was so sorry and that he looked fine. He said he was sorry and he didn't mean to do it.

    My embarrassment wasn't completely over though. I went into the restroom and checked myself out. My dress was fine, but my thong was another story. It was powder blue nylon, and his semen had made a dark stain on the crotchthat actually came above the cotton lining. There was no hiding that I had cum on my underwear. I had to keep my horny husband from looking up my dress all night, and then had to get out of the thong before he could see it.

    Now my problem is that I haven't talked to my son about it. Obviously we both felt it. I can't stand it, but I know it felt good, and I want for it to have not happened. Not sure if I should discuss it with him, or just let it go.

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    I must say that I got VERY turned on by reading this post. Anyways, just ignore it ever happened before something REALLY does happen. Which you DONT want cuz it will RUIN YOUR LIFE!!
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    I would think that at 17 years old, your son knew full well what was going on the minute you sat in his lap.

    Maybe he couldn't control getting an erection, but c'mon! If you're attractive and in shape, I'm sure even your own son will find you attractive - all guys notice a good looking girl. But, he could have shifted, bit his tongue, or even gone so far as to "adjust" his dick if he had to.

    The fact is, neither of you stopped it. I think you both went along with it to see what would happen. So, now not only do you know that you can tease your son, you also know that your son likes the attention. I'd stay as far away from that one as you could.
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    What a CROCK Of S**T.
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    Incest! Ever heard of it? Sick is all I have to say.
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    What part of West Virginia are you from?

    I will say that was a beautifully told story, even if it's rather unbelievable.
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    So uhh... No one else in the crowded car noticed your son ejaculating? How did your daughter who was right next to the two of you not notice? Seems a little unbelievable to me. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, however. I don't think there is anything for you and your son to talk about if you have already apologized. It will only embarrass him, and he has nothing to be sorry about. I can definitely understand your son being turned on by you in his lap. He couldn't even see your face - his body saw a woman in his lap. Incest, schmincest - when any pussy is grinding against a guy's cock, his response is like a swat team - shoot first, ask questions later. It's a pure physical response - his cock doesn't recognize that it is his own mom's pussy; it simply sees a pussy it wants to fuck. My mom is not attractive at all, but if she was in my lap grinding my erection against her pussy, I know my head would be filled with thoughts of fucking her and that I would cum all over her as well. And I would be embarrassed as hell to admit that to her later. Talking about it will only keep the idea in his head - just let him forget about it, because I'm sure he knows it was an accident. The only reason to talk to him would be if you are interested in having sex with him. After this experience, he's surely interested in having sex with you, but he will forget about it in time.
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    Thanks. Yes, I know it sounds unbelievable, but it really did happen. My daughter is only seven, so it didn't phase her.

    Maybe I wrote it to descriptively. It wasn't like we were grinding like a porno movie. I only moved as much as the van riding over bumps in the road, and he came within ten or 15 minutes of me first sensing he got hard. So most of the time it was me sitting there with his erection rubbing against me, then a few seconds of me bending over.

    Anyway, I had to say something to someone, so that's it. And no, nothing has happened since!
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    Maybe it should. He's old enough to know his mind and you're obviously dwelling on it. You two should talk about it.

    Worst case scenario? He's overcome with lust for you, tries to force himself on you, you scream for help and he gets arrested. If you don't trust your son, if you believe he'll do this, then this is what he needs.

    Best case scenario? You have a good mutual laugh and forget about the whole thing. If he is a decent man, then no harm no foul.

    Possible scenario? You both decide he gets a "Mom with Benefits" relationship with you and you start having an exciting secret incestuous relationship. Which is what you really want. Otherwise you wouldn't obsess about it.
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    "Possible scenario" should be re-named "The Best Case Scenario That You Should Follow Through With And Tell Us More Details After You've Hooked Up Again Because We All Know You Want To" scenario.
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    were you worried you got pregnant from that

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