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    Posted by Anonymous

    My 67 year old mom is spending the nest egg dad left her on a 25 year old she met in yoga class.

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    Good for her! I hope he's making her happy, after all its HER money, not YOURS.
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    You greedy bastard. Let your mom enjoy her last years. After all, who said you deserve any of that money or that you should get anything from her estate once she dies? Greedy bastard.
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    This fling probably wont last long enough to blow the whole wad - but just in case - cozy up to the old bat long enough to plant the seeds of doubt about gigalo joe - this isnt too tough.
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    Wait, the person who wrote the post did say he or she wanted the money, only that the mother was spending it. Maybe he or she is worried about what his mom will live on once the money is all gone. My grandmother sent all her money to a TV evangelist and then lived another 10 years on SS and the charity of her relatives. I loved her, but I resented not being able to take a vacation or buy a new car until she died.
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    We live in a time of disappearing jobs, and the few jobs that remain seldom pay very much. The standard of living in this country has declined greatly since the 1960s. On the other side of this equation, people are living longer and longer. It is tough to see your home reposessed while elderly mom and/or pop squander the last remaining dollars.
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    This idea that old people are somehow innocent of any offense, that they automatically get a pass, is totally bogus. Most people will get old. We will all die. Nothing remarkable. From the related story,this old woman is not only disgustingly foolish, she is selfish as well.
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    You're an ignorant dipshit.
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    You are a greedy bastard mr./ms. i never got to take a vacation or buy a new car. Not all old people are stupid like your retarded grandmother was.
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    - - "<I>You are an ignorant dipshit</I>" - - <P>Oh, my! another 'genius' with an internet connection.<P/> Poor little thing- are you ten years old now, or are you simply a singularly cretinous adult?<P>A good insult has a certain - <I>elan</I> - a panache - that clearly transcends your feeble attempts at cerebral fencing. You are worse than just incompetent, you are incompetent <I>and</I> commonplace. Here is an insult for you : - (ahem) - <P><I>I detect the kind of glaring logical inconsistencies in your 'reasoning' that only botched frontal lobotomy patients with crisscrossed shoelace scars on their sloped foreheads are capable of making. If I want the viewpoint of a 'mentally challenged'person, I'll slap you on the back of your head and wake up that tiny peg legged hamster that operates the drool-powered waterwheel of 'thought' in there. Until then, sit in the corner and wait until I either throw something or spit at you.</P></I>Additionally, your mother was a hamster, and your father smelled of elderberries.
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    Kind of a rather judgemental jackass aren't you? Experience shows that they aren't called "the declining years" for nothing.

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