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    Posted by Anonymous

    Mama is stubborn, but I actually love her(Shhh). I love my husband Vint, but I despise my nephew-in-law Bubba, because I want to fuck him, he has such a big bulge...but oh- nevermind about that. That two-timing whore of a woman named Iola is trying to steal my hunk of man-meat..but that's another story. Doesn't my family suck?

    #3237 — Comments (3) — Apr 27, 2004 at 10:33 AM — That's Juicy! (3) Remove It.
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    A post from "Mama's Family" television show?
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    I think you & Iola need to get it on. I would join in.
    - Bubba
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    sounds to me like you fit in just fine....

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