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    Posted by Anonymous

    My mother just told me she's pregnant again. (I was the youngest, and I have one older brother). The thing is, I think it's my brother's baby. There's no other man in my mother's life, and the other day I walked in and saw my brother rubbing her belly in a kind of possessive way.

    It makes me feel really weird and ashamed.

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    He was probably rubbing her belly because thats what everyone does, just to see if the baby reacts to it.
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    The baby will probably have three arms, one eye, a pussy AND a dick. Nothing to worry about when it's about 11 you can start nailing it (him/her). Enjoy - life's too short to not use all available resources.
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    I know, she let me feel her belly too. But most people don't look into each other's eyes when they are doing it. My brother and my mother were really looking into each others' eyes while he was rubbing her belly. And it went on for at least 5 minutes! She even put her hand over his while he was rubbing her belly.
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    If the rest of the messages on this site are any indication, you are just a member of a typical 21st century American family. The most surprising thing about your post(s) is your inexplicable agitation.
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    How old is your brother and your mother??
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    My mother is 37, my brother is 16. I'm 13.
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    Have they ever showed signs of having an intimate realationship? Or is looking into each other's eyes the first thing you've noticed? They could just have a close relationsip.. or they could be involved.
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    You'll find out soon enough. Why not ask Mom who the father is? That would be a legitimate question, especially if she's bringing a man into the family.
    If your brother is the father, the baby could, and most likely will, be born with some sort of medical problems.
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    Have you found out yet?
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    yes give us a god damn update

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