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    Posted by Anonymous

    My cousin is 3 years younger than me and has seven kids (5 different fathers). My sister-in-law is 7 years older and has three kids (plus she miscarried 2). I am pregnant with my second child and want my husband to have a vasectomy after this one is born. Everyone seems to think that I am being selfish.

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    Why selfish, because you're being responsible and planning the size of your family according to your own wishes? It is your family, not their's. I'm not even sure why they know your plans - that's the sort of thing that you could have and probably have kept private between you and your husband.
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    Don't wait untill after the kids born, have him get the vasectomy now, or you just might get bred back, and end up having another one in nine mounts.
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    selfish selfish shellfish shelmis
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    It's hard to argue against the usual American pursuit of happiness concept, but I'll do it.
    You don't have an absolute right to go against nature in anything.
    You didn't create your body and you don't have an unlimited right to decide on fundamental matters such as sexuality.
    Our natural fertility would be little problem if we had a society based on the satisfying of needs rather than the sating of desires.

    That said, there are practical reasons not to be sterilized.
    Horrible as it is to imagine, your children might both die in an accident, and epidemic, war, or natural disaster in a few years.
    Like many couples you two might get divorced and remarried some years down the road.
    Would you absolutely want to preclude having more children in either of these cases?
    More to the point, would you want to preclude your husband from doing so?
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    this post annoys me for several reasons:

    1. It is morally wrong to have SEVEN children (or four for that matter)

    2. Children are not the center of the universe (you don't explicitly state that they are but I would guess that you do)

    3. Five different fathers is despicable

    4. Society is fucked-up royally b/c of the likes of your sister
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    I think I recall your sister , great leg.

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