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    Posted by Anonymous

    My sister is 39 and still lives at home with our dad. She doesn't do anything around the house - it's a pig sty.
    She goes to school,but doesn't pursue any type of degree.
    She works in fast food places and has about 100 credit cards maxed out. The bill collectors call daily: my dad won't even pick up the phone anymore.
    How can anyone be so fucking useless?

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    Becasue she's allowed to be.
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    Yeah, what is wrong with your dad that he tolerates this? In most families, they're gald to help you out if you really need it, but you're on your own if you're a slacker. Sounds like your dad is a big enabler. He should seek counseling.
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    No, he's a paraplegic in a wheelchair. He does what he can. She just lays around & watches TV. When dad gets on her about it, she thareatens to move out, then that upsets him.
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    sounds kinda like my mom.she works a dead end job with no benifits. she has a degree in child pyscololgy
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    is your dad fucking your sister? maybe thats why he doesnt want to see her go....and just maybe thats why he is disabled.

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