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    Posted by Anonymous

    i am a senior in high school, somewhere in sister who is 27 is a total joke. she has lied to all my family since like forever. shes had one baby, but the first guy she married almost killed the baby, so she gave it up for adoption. he went to jail. the second guy she married was a psycho, and like killed somebody, so he is in jail. the third guy who she is married to is a loser, doesnt her and is the father of my 2 year old niece. my sister and her husband have never held down a job for more than 2 weeks and have a rap sheet longer than a flag-pole. even more than that she is wanted in indiana, with warrants, and she is hiding out in texas with my little niece. what a loser. 27 years old, married 3 times....all losers. all i want is her to straighten up and be here for my graduation...legally.

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