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    My husband decided to go back to graduate school so we moved to the town where he attended university. I got a job on campus as a secretary. Next door to us in the duplex lived another couple about our age, the wife was a couple of years younger than me and one fine day my husband told me that he and our neighbor had talked and agreed that it would be good for them to swap wives. They had agreed to have a 'party' on Saturday night and he would get his wife and he would get me. When I complained, I was more flabbergasted than anything else, he told me I was his wife and he could do anything he wanted with me and he really wanted to fuck our neighbor and if that meant that he had to let her husband fuck me, well that was the price.

    This was in the early 70s. The party was just the four of us, and we all got naked and had some wine and beer and then my husband said he wanted to go ahead and fuck our neighbor and he put her on her hands and knees on the carpet and just fucked her right there like she deserved it. I decided to go ahead with it and got on my hands and knees beside her and her husband got behind me and fucked me right beside her. That night that was the only fucking we did, but we gave them blow jobs later on in the evening. We stayed late, and went home after 2:00 a.m.

    I did not say anything to him, I did not ask him if he enjoyed her, and I did not comment on how it was for me. In bed with my husband after he fell asleep I masturbated until I came and then fell asleep.

    We got together and went to dinner and other social activities, and we got together and had our parties. We always did everything together, if she was getting her pussy eaten, I got my pussy eaten, if she got fucked on her back I got fucked on my back, we always did it all in the living room. We used towels to lay on when we were on our back, we used the sofa to eat pussy or give blow jobs, and we spent a lot of time on our hands and knees.

    Although we were naked a whole lot, she and I never did get it on, but that does not mean they didn't ask us to. We just said no, we wanted dick.

    After we were finished with his masters we got involved with several swingers groups, I would not join if I didn't like the wives and felt they would be good fucks for my husband. The decision as who we swapped with was always mine, I had to like the wife, and if so I could tolerate the husband. We never swapped with couples that were not married. Only a couple of times did we get involved in a group larger than four. Maybe for the same reason that we fucked so much on my hands and knees with our first couple, I mostly fucked on my hands and knees. I just did not want to face him face to face, plus I liked watching my husband fucking the other woman.

    We live in an adult only community in California now and we have a preferred couple to swap with. For a long time I thought that you had to be really young to find a couple, but we have found couples all our married lives. A good wife, and we can make it happen. A wife that won't go along, and the whole thing falls apart.

    If you want to swap, find a couple you would have dinner with, and always do it together, there are couples that want to split up into different rooms, I don't support that, everybody together, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

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