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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 25

    At the time I was an 18 year old straight white boy, on Saturday me and two other 18 year old white boys, two 17 year old black boys, and two white and one black adults went on this hiking trip. It would last through sunday night, the hike went good, we followed this river, stopped for lunch, then continued till time to make camp.
    I knew the other two white boys, but the black boys were strangers, but they were talkative and friendly. This one that was blacker than the other paid a lot of attention to me on the hike, at camp we went fishing hoping to have a fish fry for supper, and ended up catching enough to do that.
    This black kid stayed close to me, he said, when we turn in tonight, would you mind if I slipped over to your tent so we could visit more, I said sure. So a few minutes after entering my tent, he slipped in, we quietly talked, he started talking like he was trying to seduce me. It surprised me, but at the same time I felt it was exciting, as well as a little embarrassing that I had those feelings.
    Things moved on rather easy and I found myself letting he do things that I wouldn't have let another guy do. Then I was on my back with him on top, he was kissing my neck and ears, I completely fell for him, and the next thing I knew his dick was buried all the way to his nuts in my ass, and when he quietly asked if I liked it I said yesss.
    My arms were around his neck, and my legs around his waist, he was fucking me and I didn't want him to stop.
    I knew when he came and suddenly felt ashamed, but he whispered, are you glad you invited me over, I said yes, and he said I've wanted to do that since we started out this morning. I felt him going soft and figured he'd pull out and leave, but in a few seconds he was getting hard again.
    The second time was more intense than the first one, and after he finished we were both sweating, that's when he whispered I want to do that again just to make sure you'll let me again. After quietly talking for a few minutes and having him kiss my neck, I again felt him getting hard again. The next day while hiking to our next camp, he and what he'd done was all I could think about. I noticed one of the other white boys seemed to be quieter than the day before. That night after turning in I was visited by the other black kid, he was a little different, but he ended up nailing me twice. A few weeks after that trip I found out that all three of us white boys had ended up getting fucked by both of those black boys. I never saw them again, and I never felt embarrassed about it after that first time, It was dark, so I never saw their faces, but I'm sure of what their thoughts were.

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    I know I would have enjoyed a camping trip like that and would have been in heaven if both black kids spit roasted me. As a white guy I love black cock the best
  • 2
    Sounds like he had his mind set on making you his bitch right from the start. And I like the way he played you right into letting him slip it to you, but the hottest part was you saying that all three of you had got the same thing from 2 younger black studs.
  • 3
    Now you see why all us white cock suckers and cock-in-the-ass lovers are so crazy about those big black cocks. White mouths and white asses were made for black cock. Sure makes me want a black cock in my ass right now. And like # 1 ... spit roasting would be divine.
  • 4
    I'll bet those 2 black studs were tickled shitless finding out they'd been turned in with 3 mares. And it doesn't sound like the mares had any objections about it, even if you did go home well bred.
  • 5
    I only had one Black guy back in High School. But he fucked me quite a few times during the year he was at my school. I had let a few friends fuck me in the ass before so when I found myself at this black friends house one afternoon and he kept hinting around that we should try something back in his room I went to his room where he shut the door and had his black dick out in a few seconds asking me to watch him jack off.
    I watched but couldn`t stand it very long at all and after I had my pants down my hand was around his long fat dick stroking it as pre cum began to drip out the head of his big dick and his hands went for my ass. He began squeezing my ass and spreading my ass cheeks then began to tell me how he wanted to fuck my white ass.
    After hearing him say it over and over and his hands all over my ass and his finger going up my ass a few times I took off my clothes and so did he and I let him bend me over the side of his bed and as I moaned and groaned and begged him to go slow he worked his long fat dick up my ass balls deep then fucked the hell out of me and I felt him cum very deep in my ass but as soon as he was finished he began to fuck my ass really hard and talk dirty to me and his cum was dripping down my legs when he came hard deep in my ass again.
    Once he pulled out there was a lot of cum running out of my ass and I went to clean up. We had to stop and get dressed before his Mom got home from work but the next day we were at his house again and he fucked me some more and for the first few days he fucked me every day at least once if not two times or more.
    He had two cousins that he wanted me to fuck but I never would do it with them but he really wanted me to and kept telling me how much I would like three black boys on me at the same time and he told me his cousins had bigger dicks than his. I went as far as meeting them and was around them a few times but I never let them fuck me. Sometimes I look back on those days and wish that I would have let them gang fuck me just to see how it would have been. I am older now but still like using dildos and from time to time I enjoy my large black life like cock stuck to the wall while I fuck myself with it.
    It`s very thick and long and feels damn good deep in my tight ass.
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    I like what #4 said about turning the studs in with the mares, lmao, it had to be a win win situation for them. Three mares and two studs, and two nights to take care of them, might have been two sore dicks by the time they left.
  • 7
    Mabey its just me, but being a boy that age, and getting taken like a girl by a younger boy that first night, wouldn't the following days hike walking along beside him make you feel inferior to him?
  • 8
    So I guess that first night while one was making sure you were well taken care of, his buddy was paying a visit to the other two tents. Would have been interesting to find out how they rated the three of you, and when you found out the others had got serviced, did you rate them?
  • 9
    I like #5 reply but sadly he missed out on a golden opportunity
  • 10
    #7, when that happened to me I was 18 and white, the aggressor was 19 and black, it took place in the back seat of a 1973 ford car. My mind was saying wtf, but my body was giving into his advances. I had several different feeling during and after, but I also worked with him at his dads sawmill, and I didn't feel inferior to him. And he never acted superior to me, he got what he wanted, and I guess I got what I needed.

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