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    My mom give me the best going away gift to college I have ever had. Mom is single she help me moved into the college dorm. After we finish moving my belonging into the dorm she give me a kiss on the cheek and hug me tight. It almost like she didn't want me to leave her behind. I could tell her eyes were watery and sad. I told her it will be fine, I will visit her often during semester breaks and we can Skype. She was hugging me so tight the whole time I was talking to her. After I finish talking I give her a kiss on her cheek but she turn her head and I end up kissing her on the mouth. Just as I finish kissing her I was getting a boner and she notice my cock was hard. She smile and said sweetie are you get horny. I couldn't help myself but to tell her the truth. She said I am not leaving until tomorrow morning and why don't we go out to dinner and spend the rest of the day together afterward we can go to my motel room and continue where we left off.

    At dinner I am thinking wow what is mom going to do to me and I couldn't stop thinking about it. I keep telling her how much I will missed her and how beautiful she is. She keep teasing me at the dinner table by giving me those nasty look is almost like I am on a dated. We had to cut the dinner short because we couldn't wait to go back to her motel room. By the time we got to her room I was horny as hell. As we step into the room I closed the door behind me grab mom by her waist and start tongue kissing her, she didn't resist. We both start rubbing each other private part as we were kissing. She start to unbutton my pants and I start to rub her tits while we were kissing. I help her took my pants off and she undress only down to her bra and panties. She left those on for me to take off and believe me that was sexy seeing mom in her black lace bra and panties.

    I lay on the bed, mom walked over to give me a blowjob I can ever as for from mom. She keep asking me if it feel good and I said yes. But I told her I would love to eat her pussy, she got up turn around and we were in 69 position. She still has her sexy panties on so I pull it to the side. She lower her pussy right onto my mouth and she start grinding her pussy on my tongue back and forth. I start to taste her juice dripping out of her pussy. I told mom her juice tasted good. She couldn't talk because my cock was in her mouth. I could tell she was enjoying me eating her pussy because she was sucking my cock really good. I mean she would take the whole cock deep, suck it hard and fast. I told her I am about to cum but she said wait because she wanted to feel me cumming inside of her pussy. She got up, turn herself around and ride my hard cock. I couldn't wait any longer but to cum inside of her pussy and she was rocking back and forth to feel my hard cock and warm cum. Then suddenly she cum and I can feel her pussy muscle tighten up as she was cumming.

    We were so tired after sex she asked me to spend the night with her in bed. I told her I will do anything you want me to. We got up next morning and have more sex then we have breakfast and she took me back to the dorm. She didn't get out of the car but she lend over and tongue kiss me and I did the same but I got my last squeeze of her tits before she leave. That night we Skype each other and we both masturbate in front of each other. I told her I don't know how I am going to do without her been around. She said she might move closer to me so we can be together. I said that will be great.

    I know some of you think this is bad relationship but mom and I are close and we were never apart for very long. I hope she does move close to me.

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    This is not a bad relationship as long as there is mutual consent and there is no question of pregnancy.No one should know about this.
    This is better than her sleeping around and catching some infection or other and spoil her reputation.Just one man and that's you.
    Majority of the people in our society are hypocrites and don't approve of live in partnerships or affairs when it concerns others BUT if they are involved in a relationship9 not necessarily i****tuous)they will keep enjoying it & continue.Hence,just don't let anyone know.Never boast.Let your Mom also not let even her best friend know.
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    She is single. She raised you. Now, you should take care of her by loving your mom. Fuck her properly....

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