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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    I have an older female friend Gloria, who was my first sex at 17. She was 54. As a favor to her I agreed to fuck her friend Jill. Jill is fat, old, gray hair on her pussy, reddish dyed on her head, and 71 years old. My older friend taught me everything about pleasing women, and now I do date women my age and still have a lot of sex with Gloria too. I actually walked outside Glorias apartment across the outside hallway, and down two doors and knocked totally naked on Jills door. She answered and with a hungry look let me inside. He grabbed my cock immediately and started jacking me, I got hard and she pulled off her blouse and bra revealing B cup saggies which I proceeded to stroke and get her nipples erect. Then I sucked on her boobs as she sat down on the couch, me beside her. She pulled up her skirt revealing a hairy gray bush with no panties. I said that she was expecting me, and she asked if I was as good as Gloria says.

    Jill is 71, saggy, is about 5ft. 6in. and weighs about 175 or so I'd guess. She has a belly, and wide hips (she's had 6 kids) so that is to be expected I guess. She was jacking my fairly long cock all the time, then pushed my head away from her nipples and bent over sucking my cock. After a few moments she took out her teeth and gave me my first gumjob. It was an incredible feeling having her gums put pressure on my dick while she stroked up and down. I was max hard in a minute. She said they'd be more of that later, and moved my head to her pussy. I ate her and she orgasmed several times, then pulled up her legs so that her asshole was at my mouth. She looked and smelled like she'd just washed and as a favor to Gloria, I went at it. She was moaning so much while I was licking her old pucker. I asked her if she'd done anal in her sex life and she said she always preferred it that way because it was less chance of getting pregnant. For some reason she couldn't do the pill, thus . . . 6 kids. Think how many if she didn't do anal.

    She wanted to get fucked now, and her old pussy was pretty darn wet (Even at now 57 years old Gloria has told me that older women after menopause take a lot longer and more stimulation to get wet enough to fuck). She wanted it from behind but in her pussy the first time. She bent over the couch and reached back and spread her ass and pussy lips. I went in and I couldn't believe how tight she was. This 71 year old with a wet pussy who had 6 kids was actually tighter than the 1 virgin girl I'd fucked a few months ago. I actually enjoyed it, she came several times and asked if she could feel me shoot inside her. I did and came buckets in that old wrinkled pussy.

    After than, things got less frantic, and over the next couple of hours I got a full gumjob, fucked her pussy again, only this time towards the finish she wanted it up her butt. Anal being my favorite kind of sex, I went for it. She didn't orgasm but really moaned feeling me shoot up her old pooper.

    With that I walked back across the open hall to Glorias, and told her all about it while she sucked my cock, unwashed from Jills ass and pussy.

    Damn, I want to go back again, Jill was actually a really really good fuck. No bullshit like I get from the younger girls, just wanted a man to cum inside her.

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    Total bs, just a crock of shyte. 50 and 70 something year old women have no need for the pill. So fake.
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    I you read and understand, you'll see that when she was younger she couldn't take the pill, thus did anal with her husband so not to get pregnant and still got pregnant 6 times.
    Of COURSE women of that age have no need. That was when she was young and married. She is widowed now and has been for almost 20 years.
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    I have done a couple of oldies. I did one who was 89 in the early days
    and we used a pint of K-Y to get through it without injuries. She loved it
    but I had been home just for a few days and had to leave. It's very different
    to me and not as hot as a MILF, the age I have liked from my early times. For
    me the lady's age between 30 and 45 are best.

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