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    Posted by Anonymous

    My friend is always trying to get me to do things with him. Everytime I go to his house after school he always wants to play truth or dare or strip poker. Other than that hes a really cool dude. So to get him to shut up I agreed to play truth or dare with him. The very first dare he said I dare you to let me suck your dick. So I pulled down my pants and he started sucking on me. It felt great. He kept saying mmm its so big. He sucked me off for a long time and I finally blew my wad in his mouth but he never stopped. He even came in his own pants when he was blowing me.

    Since then I let him blow me almost every day after school. I have no intensions of blowing him. It's a great feeling during the blowjob but every time afterwards I feel ugly about it. Until the next time.

    When the last bell rings at school I start to get a hard on knowing what's next at his house. A great bj. Some days I knock, he lets me in, we go to his room, I take down my pants, he blows me and I leave without even saying a word.

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    I wonder why you haven't had any replies....?
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    Hot, Hot story, got me hard !!!
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    i am an elderly guy who really gets turned on by women, but lately I have had the desire to have a jo session with another guy. I would like to suck him and be sucked and then be able to be able to jo meach other and watch our hard cocks spew their spunk. Just this thought makes me masterbate and I seem to cum harder than ever.

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