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    Straight Female / 31

    It has been a long night, replaying my date over and over again in my mind, and at this point I'm sore from masturbating so much and need a break.

    First off, I'm a fat girl, no reason to say otherwise. At just over 200 lbs and 5'5" for most of my adult life so far, I've had guys only want me as a fetish, or a joke. I do like my hair, honey-blonde, and think I dress pretty well and can do my makeup, but still, when you're a big girl, dating can be really hard. I've had one long-term relationship, and he left me after his aunt sat us both down for a chat "about our health," which meant that she was really just talking to me and I guess she made an impact on him. I cried for months, it felt like. After that, I've been pretty guarded and really self-conscious, and probably haven't had a real connection with a guy since then. It's pretty sad, but you have to understand this about me to get what's happened to me now. And this IS an online confession site, right?

    Anyway, I recently got talked into trying a "Large Lovely Ladies" speed dating event; I've been to this sort of thing before and came away more disturbed at the weird guys out there that just want to stick their cocks in my rolls rather than look me in the face. Or they want me to get bigger, or fulfill whatever messed up fantasy they have that really doesn't involve me, just my stomach. Results fairly negative. Nonetheless, I went through with it, as I knew the organizer and she assured me this was different. So I did my hair, really went for it, did a little makeup, and squeezed into a black dress with a floral pattern and a little white shrug. I looked cute, at least I thought so.

    I arrive and see there are some pretty girls here, prettier than me, and not a whole lot of guys that catch my eye just yet. Some heavier guys, which I've found are at least sometimes more understanding that regular-sized guys. Although I'll never forget the heavier fellow, James, who told me he was just "wasn't turned on" by my stomach and left on our second date. I still don't understand that one. We get started, girls on the outside of room at little tables, guys rotating. I meet about three guys, they're not too bad, and I'm starting to warm up a bit and think this might work. I see a guy on the right out of the corner of my eye that has my attention, though, and since all I can see is his dark hair and really nice short beard (I love beards) and see the girls he's talking to lean in closer, laugh loudly, and really flirt it up, I'm kind of distracted, especially when he's at the table next to me and I can see his strong nose and catch a glimpse of those blue/green eyes. ME-OW.

    When he sits down, yes ma'am, he's the cat's pajamas. "Michael," his name tag says, with a big smiley face drawn under it. He's wearing a sexy blue plaid shirt, western shirt with snaps and rolled up sleeves, his beard has just a little bit of gray in it, and those big eyes have me from the get-go. He shakes my hand like a job interview and says "is this where I sign up for the Army? I keep asking the other ladies and they keep telling me to go to the next table! I need to get my life straightened out!" I laughed WAY too loud at that, and away we went. I can't remember what we talked about, just that I was hooked. I may have drooled; he had a southern accent, just a little bit, very rare around here. I loved it, especially since he looked me in the eyes most of the time, except for when he stole a couple of glances at my cleavage, which I was totally okay with. His hands and forearms looked so strong and it made sense, he worked with his hands as a small project contractor on the side. I babbled, blushed, and stumbled through that conversation. When it was over, and time to switch, he stood up, came to me, and gave me a little hug. He didn't do that with the other girls, and my mind was racing. I looked at the girls who talked to him before me, they all saw. I was the envy of the room for a minute, a very new experience. A couple more rotations and the event was over, the girls went to the open bar and the guys went with the organizer.

    I mingle a bit with the girls, mostly listen to their conversations about the guys. Not too many keepers, but not too many weirdos. They did a good job screening so that normal guys were actually in this thing. Everyone is talking about Michael, it's clear that a few girls are into him. Some of them are prettier than me, so I figure I had my fun with this guy, time to pack it in and see if any of the other guys were into me. Our organizer comes out and starts going from group to group with these cute little purple envelopes, inside is a list of guys that were into you and their contact info. Every girl gets one, even if no one was interested (she gives coupons to the girls that struck out and starts to pull a couple of them out to talk to her in a small group). I look at mine, Michael is at the top of the list, along with a couple of other guys I really didn't remember. I was thrilled, and as I casually listened, no one else mentioned him again that night. Was I the only one?

    Two days later, I finally got the courage to Facebook friend him, and was thinking that would be the end of it. I didn't even have time to put my phone back in my purse when it went off and he'd accepted, a quick message following that, "Hey!" I walked over to a brunch spot, ordered some pancakes, and chatted with him over Messenger for nearly an hour straight. He teased so much out of me so quick and it was so easy to talk with him. Before I knew it we had a date set up for last night, dinner and a nice long walk in the park. "Wear something comfortable," he says. "Like fatigues, so no one will suspect anything while we carry this bazooka I got on eBay around. Pretty sure this is illegal." I may have laughed at that one, too, in the cafe. He had me so turned on already, I just wanted to pounce on him.

    I was a wreck by the time if was time to actually go out. I was so nervous he wouldn't show up. I packed extra underwear in my purse, seemed like I was wet all day before the date. I showered twice, feeling like I smelled bad. I kept getting randomly flushed thinking about going on this date. I wore another cute dress, empire waist to downplay my curves but still push my girls out there for him, cute little shoes that were too snug, and a new perfume to try and cover up what I thought was nervous sweats. He's going to take one look at me and walk, I thought. Or his friends are going to come, too, and make fun of us. A thousand negative things are going through my head, and random thoughts about sex with him that are just delicious, stupid stuff like sex in cabins, possibly involving him being a lumberjack and me being his perfect little housewife. He meets me at a little italian restaurant, and it's lovely. A small place, but very trendy. He talks directly to me, eye contact, seems interested, tells me a couple of times how good I look. I'm girl putty at this point - he can do whatever he wants with me and I'd be okay with it, especially when he steps away for a phone call and a skinnier, prettier girl walks past him and tries to engage him outside. He points at his phone like it's super important, then looks in the window at me and does the "eyes on you" move with his free hand. When he comes back in, he apologizes, and really surprised me with a stroke to the side of my head as he sits back down. He takes one of my hands casually, keeps talking. My heart is pounding, and as predicted my panties are wet, soaking.

    Our walk in the park, wonderful. I did get to change my underwear before that part, would have been very unpleasant otherwise. He takes me home, we've been together for nearly four hours at this point. I want to fuck his brains out, no two ways about it. I'm so horny, and nervous, and conflicted I didn't even see the kiss coming, and when it landed squarely on my lips all I could do was moan. "Darling," he says, that country twang! "When can we go out again?"

    Any time, I'll pack up my apartment tonight, I think. He's so close to me, I can feel his hard cock, smell him (delicious). He strokes my hair again, kisses my forehead, and says "if you want to go out again, you know how to find me. I really enjoyed being with you this evening." And he left.

    I have orgasmed nearly ten times tonight, replaying all of it. Even now, sore pussy and nearly dead vibrator, I'm stroking myself and debating calling him for an early morning booty call. Guys, everything was perfect, so awkwardly fun and perfect. I don't want to lose this moment one bit, I hope this is real. I sound so pathetic right now, feel equally horny and silly for thinking this is going to work out. If I get another date, can I hold out and be able to not tear this man's clothes off and rock his world? Should I wait and keep playing this game with him?

    Deliciously frustrated. Totally worth it.

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    Fabulous write up, sugar. Well written.
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    Yes, I agree with poster #1, no doubt about your intelligence but here is the giant secret... People are generally couched in a lack of sense of self. "Too skinny,
    too fat, too tall, too short, nose too big or too small, pecker, tits
    all wrong...etc.

    What I tell clients and have for years...locate activities directed at
    one thing, to build your self confidence and get away from your focus
    on the physical. People are drawn to self confidence like they are drawn
    to strong leaders of all kinds, or in-charge parents. This cannot be
    a performance. It must be real. Then. you will find people turned on
    by you. They will not even notice your physical self.

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    Another large lovely lady here. He sounds like a keeper. I hope it works out for you. Get your man!

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