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    Straight Male / 24

    Dad you were my idol, my hero, my mentor, my ace......I loved you more than life itself.
    But when I turned 14 years old, you decided that you wanted to be a woman and you wanted me to accept this and love you still. It is not going to happen, never has and never will.
    I do not accept you being transgender and becoming a woman.

    Mom, dad left you and as you told me that you did what you had to do to take care of the hues, the bills, your children. You told me that you became depressed and lonely, and that you needed a man to fulfill your sexual and physical needs as well as your emotional needs. I did and do, understand that.........
    ......but no boy/child/young man wants to hear his mother having loud sex! No child wants to hear a male strangers voice holla 'suck it bitch', 'you a good bitch' 'lick my balls whore'.......and 'fuck me deep' 'make me your slut' those last words coming from you.
    You had no discretion or respect for your young but growing children. My sisters and I would often grimance or talk about your escapades.

    Now, I have grown and left to move across country to avoid you all. I have decided to cut all ties with all of you.
    Your decisions to do as you wanted to as adults and as people of free will has a negative effect on me.
    I have no regrets and while I love all of you......I have decided to make my past, my past and all whom were in my past are now dead to me. My future wife and children would never know of you or anything about you. You will never see or hear from me again

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    You are a very sad case of ignorance.
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    Yeah, you're still a kid really, so you have no idea about life. You'll regret this for sure.
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    Self centered and ignorant, Your attitudes mean that with or without your family you will never be happy, Why should your parents conform to what you want them to be?, Grow up and stop acting like a spoilt child.
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    OP here, I have not tried to stop either parent from doing what they want or from being who they are and who they wanted to be. At 17, I moved out on my own and now at 24 I am doing very well for myself.........without the assistance or aide of anyone.
    I haven't talked or seen those people ( including my sisters ) in over 5 years. And I have no intention of seeing them either. I live more than 14 states away and I am enjoying my young life. And guess I wrote that yesterday, I have no idea if any of them are still alive or know anything about their welfare or how they are fairing.....I don't care and could care less.
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    Well spoken Do what makes you happy and what makes you feel comfortable in your own skin just as your parents did

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