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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am 26 and have beens a trooper the TA for a year now. I want to talk about an experience that happened on a training weekend back in the early summer on Sussex/Kent borders. I was with a mate,a guy of of my own age, and two of us in full combats, full combat dress without packs. We had to cross a small river to get back to battalion camp for the night. As a part of an after noon exercise we had been dropped some miles away from area of the main exercise to locate a camp for the following day. We had been expected to use initiative to get back. Blow that! we waded into the water and as we were half way across i just grabbed my mate and pulled him right under.We wresteld around in the water for some minutes going well under ,really grappling each other in arm locks,strangle holds,one coming up for air and getting yanked under. I got my mate in a throat lock and he got the message and went limp acting like a stiff (dead).I just floated in the water with his limp soaked body in my arms ,feeling the dead weight and the water around us.At that moment I came really hard and shot spunk. Pulled him ashore and collapsed on top of him.. He came to first really laughing and heaved me off ,and wacked me a harate chop on the nape of my neck in jest,picked me up and slung me over his shoulder all the wat back to base.This was not the real story we told on return!!!! This really did happen!!

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    But it doesn't sound like he knew what was going on with you...

    Anyway, I have indeed had boners while wrestling.
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    You've just broken the Official Secrets Act you commie c**t.

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