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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 26

    About ten years ago when I got my working permit I located some part time work in a factory where I assembled some kind of electrical gadget. I did only what I was told and got paid miserably for it but better than nothing. I noticed a woman carrying a box of stuff. The poor woman was as ugly as sin with a face that stopped clocks, coke bottle glasses and largely spaced teeth, I'm sure you have seen the type. Back then my monster was always growling away between my legs and I was still a virgin except for my right hand.

    The lady seemed to be in her late 40's but she had this stunning bottom. She had a narrow waist that flowed outward to form the most perfect ass cheeks and hips I had ever seen. She very well knew what she had and wore plants that seemed spray painted on her ass. I started breathing hard every time she passed by with her tray of crap, whatever that was. I began to look for her and daily would return home and m****t my monster until it screamed to stop.

    The part time job ended but the memory of the ugly lady was indelibly etched into my tiny brain. One Saturday I had a powerful yen for a hamburger so I drove to a burger joint and there was the ugly lady. I spotted her ass first and I got in line with just one person between us. I ordered quickly and asked to join her at her table. Fortunately, she was by herself.

    Before I could say anything, she said, "I know what you want. Your eyes burned a hole through the back of my pants at the factory." I said, "Ehhr, eh, oh." but she prevailed and said, "I'm for it, if you want it. I live near by."
    All I could do was utter more odd noises.

    She lived in a fairly shabby place but everything but her magic ass seemed blurred out. She got us some tea and I was virtually drooling into my cup. She saw me freaking out and she asked, "Are you a virgin, sonny?" "Ehr, oh, gasp, uhh, ahh." She smiled and said, "That's so sweet." Standing up before me she faced away from me and pullled a pin out of her hair. Her hair fell down to her shoulders. She then slowly undid her tight jeans and stepped out of them, taking the powerful vision of her ass into max drive. Pulling a chair to her front, she bent over and said, "Just be gentle and take it easy since it's your first time, just don't spoil a good thing, o.k?"

    My cock virtually broke through my pants and I was at a loss for what to do so I followed my instincts and went down, burying my face between her cheeks. I began to lick her button wildly and even down to her quim, fucking my tongue into her vagina, which tasted like battery acid. Taking it slowly, my monster began to growl angrily. I then stood up and she said, "Not bad for a beginner, you must watch a lot of porn, honey." Slowly penetrating her from behind I marveled at the vision, entering that magic form that had lived in my memory and imagination for months. After only two or three strokes I could feel myself about to erupt so I reached for a napkin on the table and came into it, about nine spurts. She said, "i'm safe, you know." so, still rock hard I slipped it in again, grabbing her hips and thrusting deeply. She moaned and said, "Lovely, lovely, keep going at that pace."

    Our sexual relationship lasted for the next five years, mostly me going to her shabby pad. One average day she casually said, "Mr. Beech proposed and I accepted. He's retiring to his family home down south, so this is it for us, honey." Beech was the owner of the small manufacturing company so she scored a major hit with him, no doubt drawing Beech with her one-in-a- million magical posterior. She must by then been in her early 50's, but her ass had yet to lose its enchantment.

    It ended, she left town and only then did I become aware I had never had sex with anyone else. By then I was 22. My monster cannot forget her. It was maddening lust at first but in time, I felt pangs of love for her . We were just two ships passing each other in the night but we both lit the dark journey for a precious, if all too brief, a time.

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