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    Straight Male / 45

    I am a married man and been happy for the first 10 years sex was good and we got along great. My wife had a hard time getting pregnant and we tried but never had any luck. 11 years in to our marriage we were blessed with a baby girl. Since the birth of our daughter my wife has no interest in sex or spending any time with me I still love her and I think she loves me. So for 3 years I took care of myself jerking off in the garden shed or basement or my car. Well one day I was taking care of myself in my car parked in the garage I left the door open because it was very hot out. When I was just about to blast off I looked up to see the neighbors 25 year old son looking at me in my car and smiling. I was startled and tried to cover myself. He smiled and said hey its cool dude everyone does it.
    Looking at him he was very well built and from what I could see by the lump in his pants was well hung. I had never really looked at guys other than in younger years to compare my body to theirs. But I found myself checking this kid out and he had some sort of ora about him that made me want to bend him over and slam my cock up his tight ass. I shook it off pulled up my shorts and climbed out of the car. He put out his hand to shake mine and introduce himself as I gripped his hand I noticed my hand had been soaked in pre cum and got it all over his hand. When the hand shake ended he put his hand to his face smelling his own hand then licked my pre cum from it. OMG my cock jumped as he licked his fingers. He smiled nd said very tasty I was floored by all this. He said his name and said he was home for a week or two to visit his parents and had come over to barrow the weed whip. I stumbled over to find it my cock stiff running down my leg made my movement like a person with a peg leg. I handed him the weed whip and he said thanks and walked away. i found myself staring at his ass as he walked away.
    I went in the house and straight to the bathroom and could not get my shorts down fast enough I gripped my cock and started jerking it and thinking about his smile his ass as I stroked. I shot the biggest load I had ever and my whole body was shaking. After I felt bad and confused about what the hell was going on in my head. I chalked it up to being over horny with the wife not wanting to have sex.
    Later that day the kid brought back the weed whip and was wearing nothing but a pair of shorts very tight ones he was sweaty and his skin tanned and glistening. He smiled and said was that your wife who left? My wife had taken our daughter and gone to her sisters for the weekend so I said yes that's the wife and told him she was going to her sisters. he said she is very pretty I said yes she is. So he said what are ya doing while she is away? I said I am just hanging out at the house maybe have a few beers and watch some movies. Ge smiled and said PORN! I grinned and said well I was thinking about it He asked if he could join me watching I said yes way faster than I thought I would I had not watched porn with another guy since I was in High School.
    I got us some beers dug my porn out from its hiding place AND POPPED IN A DVD it started we drank our beers and when I looked over at him he had his cock out and was stroking it. It was large about the same size as mine I had measured it in collage it was 8 and a quarter and thicker than the guys in the porn videos. I pulled down my shorts and my cock slapped against my stomach making a loud noise. We laughed about it and i leaned back and started stroking my cock. I was into the movie when I felt his hand on my balls very warm hand. I did not even care it felt so good and before i knew it he had my cock in his mouth. It felt so good to be touched I just let him do it. He worked my cock for a while I take rime to cum. Ge did not seem to mind and just kept sucking. I laid back and after a long time I warned him I was ready he gripped my balls and worked them sucking faster and faster then I said I am going to cum he did not come off my cock he took my load and I heard him moan it made me shoot harder and seemed I blasted off 4 good shots . After he sucked on me for a long time then got up and said he had to go.
    Ge came back latter knocking on the door I let him in I was in my robe after a shower and before I knew it we were in the den and i had my cock shoved up his ass and was slamming it hard in him. He was yelling harder harder I did my best to give it to him. He was hot inside and tight like a virgin. I pumped him for a long time then he flipped me on my back and sat on it and bounced on it moaning and putting his hands all over my body . I blasted in his ass and stayed hard in him while he jerked himself off still bouncing on my cock. He shot his load and it went all over. He shot a thick load white and thick I had it all over me. We went and took a shower together and i fucked him 2 more times that night. I woke up the next morning and he was gone. I though t about him for days but he never came back over.
    A week passed and I was wondering what was up so I went to the neighbors to see where he was. I walked over and asked and they had a look of wtf on their face and informed me their son was in Europe and had not been home for a year. I told them about the weed whip and they said Oh the gardeners son yes he was here so I asked when he was coming back. They informed me he had moved to another state. I never saw him again but I think about him when I pop in to the Adult video store for a blow job from the many willing mouths that hang around there. None have come close to his mouth and ass but dumping a load in a cock suckers mouth is better than jerking my self off

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    wow sounds like your wife hired a prostitute to get you off and here you are thinking it was all coincidence. wouldn't be surprised if you divorce and some nasty pictured of you come up.
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    So many stupid stories on here about supposedly straight guys masturbating without the door closed and a gay guy just passing by, and then of course they wind up having sex. Pure fantasy.

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