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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 21

    My boss (if I can call him that, he owns the company) is 6'5" and his wife, Terry, is 5'1" so they look like an odd couple together. She's still striking, now in her late 40's. As his executive secretary he invites me to dinner on Fridays to review the week with me while we dine.

    We always go to one upscale restaurant I could never afford to go to on my own. Tables are covered with large linen sheets that sweep to the floor and there are gorgeous linen napkins. I freely confess I have lifted a few.
    We always get the same table in the back, by the wall.

    It took some time to arrange it all but I now come to the dinners wearing no undergarments. Terry plies her husband with non-stop beers that he loves but they make him have to run to the men's room to piss every few minutes. When he leaves the table, Terry drops down under the linen covers and goes directly for my CUNT and feasts on it. Her tongue skills are marvelous and I can tell she's enjoying herself down there. Once in a while, I rub hard candy all over my inner lips so she can have a mini-desert.

    I can feel her tongue outlining my vulva and darting in and out of my vagina. For a few minutes, I'm in heaven. Once in a while I sit, stretched out on my chair so she can also rim me out, which she also loves to do. I recall as many as three orgasm in one evening. Also, once in a while, I duck my head down and we French kiss for a while. Her crazy tongue is all over the inside of my mouth. I can taste my pussy on her mouth and find it exciting.

    When I spot him coming from the men's room far in the front I tap Terry on the head and she slowly emerges, licking her lips and wiping them with a napkin. We then anticipate his next visit to the men's room. This scenario has not gone beyond this and I don't know that it will. I've only been with the company less than one year and I'm only 21. Terry is a few years older than my own mum but I don't want to give up what we are doing. If that's all there is then, that's all there is. it will have to do.

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