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    Straight Male / 26

    For some time I have been taking adjunct courses in business and marketing. I usually get to class earlier than most so I can grab a seat in the front row where I find it easier to focus on the instructor. One day I had a terrible time locating a parking spot so I was a bit late and the entire front row was gone. I decided just to sit in the back row that was, that day, with only one seat taken by a woman.

    Sitting in the right side of the row, she sat in the middle. I noticed that she was very tall. I estimated that she was well over six feet tall. I'm 5'10" not short but I was not as tall as she and it was easy to notice that. She was not heavy nor gaunt, just inordinately tall. She was not unattractive but her height removed her from the Playmate list, in my view. The instructor was talking about promotion of different products and services, something I knew about since I worked in that particular field. I heard a rustling sound coming from the young, tall woman. Glancing over, it seemed to me that she was actually masturbating. She had her right hand between her legs and her entire arm moved steadily, in a sort of cadence.

    Then it dawned on me that she might be trying to ease some kind of injury. I moved toward her leaving only one seat between us. I asked if she was all right. She continued moving her hand and just said, "Be calm, I'm just relieving myself. It comes on now and then and I have to do something about it." I had to take a few minutes to absorb and digest what was happening and then my entire disposition changed and I started becoming horny. I did not want to move back to my seat and just sat there. I could not believe the effect her masturbation had on me
    and I found that suddenly, I was sitting with a large boner between my legs.

    I said, "Forgive me but what you are doing is very hot to me and I'k afraid I have to join you." She calmly
    said, "Go ahead, I don't mind." Looking around at the entire class I realized the two of us were quite alone so I pulled out my now erect cock and started stroking it. The instructor's words seemed to fade away and there was just the two of us pleasuring ourselves. Then, thoughtlessly, and just driven by lust I said, "I want to fuck you, would you mind?" She eased up and stopped stroking herself and then I thought, "Shit, now I've done it.." Then she said in almost a whisper. "Can you fuck me right after class?" "GAHHHD! Game still on," I thought, saying. "Absolutely." We sat there like two fired up nerves and the class finally let out.

    Outside in the hallway we looked around and she took my hand as we walked. I felt like her little brother as she towered over me. Starting to ask, I blurted out..."How tall a..." She said, quickly, "6'3" mind?" I took a deep breath and for the first time wondered when and where will this take place? Other classes resumed and we spotted the woman's toilet. We rushed in there and into a booth then closed the booth door. I dropped my trousers and out jumped my hard cock. She breathed loudly, reaching under her skirt, pulling off her panties. I sat on the bowl and she straddled me, saying, "I'll be careful. I know I weigh more than a canary."

    She took hold of my cock and guided it into her pussy, already quite wet. It felt amazing. We both sighed relief and began a serious fucking session. After a few minutes she lifted off and faced away from me, lowering her posterior on me as my cock slipped in again. We made only a rustling sound accented by the slurping effect as my stiff rod slipped in and out of her. I said, "That's indescribably hot." She said, "Yes, yes, and kept fucking me
    putting all her weight on her legs and balancing herself with her hands on the booth wall.

    In that position her ass seemed much larger than it was and I started feeling it and embracing it, reaching to her and kissing where I could find some naked skin. I slipped my thumb into her asshole as she fucked me. She moaned, saying. "Oh...c.c.c..c.c commminggg." I felt her tight, glove-like vagina closing and opening, pulsating on my hardness. She said, "you can come inside" which automatically switched my orgasm to "on" position and I came inside her shooting threads of sperm into her. We stood up and I realized I had not even kissed her so I began kissing her, first with an open mouth on hers then I slowly pulled what clothing was still hanging off her from our fucking and kissed ever spot of naked skin I could find. She wiped herself with toilet paper and started to kiss me back.

    I hugged and embraced her tall body, kissing and hugging then slowly went down on her and began to concentrate on her Venus mound, licking and sucking all over it as I began to suck on her clit. She pushed my head into it and I did it with more ferocity. She came again and trembled like a reed in a windstorm. We then heard someone come in, pee in a nearby booth and hit some water in a sink and leave, while I sucked on her boobs as she stifled her moans.

    After that day, we became ardent lovers and in time she confessed that she had been watching me in the classroom for some time and determined to hit on me in some way. The day I was forced to sit in the back row, near her, was the day she said to herself..."Fantastic, now. how do I wake this kid up?" She made a good selection from her crazy ideas. She caught me like a wild hare in a toothy snare.

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