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    I accidentally fell in love with my niece. It started as kids games but in her bedroom it became more and more sexual. She always wanted to play tickle games and every time she wore less clothes till she was asking me to tickle her while she was naked. When I did she didn't wanna stop. Her tiny hands stripped my clothes off too and suddenly I was a grown woman completely naked in a little girls room giggling and fondling each other. If anyone found us I'd be killed. We took our time with baths. I'd get in with her and one day I got carried away washing between her legs and she started panting and squirming. Her little frame was bent over the tub so I kissed her puffy mound. But something made the kiss a lick. Her legs opened more giving me permission to continue and I gave her her first orgasm. She was my angel and she became an obsession. I would take her to my house to babysit and before we were even alone she would get naked and wait for me. She loved taking pictures and soon I had a library of her pouring milk over her or us locked together in forbidden embrace. Her little friend came once and I convinced her into undressing for pictures together. I left to get a new outfit and when I came back there were two girls playing with each others pussies. My husband came home while they girls began to cum. I couldn't stop something so beautiful so I ran upstairs and locked the door. He got in the shower and I ran back to find my beauties still at it. They stopped and focused on me. The two girls had me naked with one on each side of me when the shower turned off. Two little tongues lashed my pussy as I licked one and rubbed the other. My husband was right upstairs and could find us any minute but I didn't care if he did right then. The camera caught my niece's face getting covered in my juice when I came and their tongues kissing half against my vagina. Her little friend came hard and I couldn't believe how much I'd fallen in love with the taste of a young girls cum. I sucked them both dry and kissed both at once letting the girls taste to. I actually came again rubbing my clit kissing them with their own cum the thought alone was enough. My clothes were barely on when the door opened. The two girls were still naked in bed so I ran to greet him before he saw the panties on the ground and his niece with another girl covered in juice still kissing. I had to leave them there but when I watched the video after I left and found they left me a surprise. They changed into school girl outfit and found a vibrator and masturbated. My husband found them sleeping naked in the morning but he assumed they're just being kids. I found a picture my husband must have took of one of the girls butts and I thought about turning it into the police so I could have the girls to myself and we could stop worrying about being caught. But we just continued meeting every chance we could. In the summer the girls loved going to the park and spreading a blanket to lay on. When I got their panties off I'd have them smell them to figure out who's was who's. Sometimes I'd just lay in the sun and watch the girls laugh and fall down and start kissing and lick pussies. An older women found us once in the park I was dressed watching the girls lick honey off their bodies. The woman was stunned to find two girls in the woods locked in a kiss and about to do more. I was frightened at first but i noticed the woman had a hand up her dress touching herself while she watched. The girls were nuzzling pussies and if they saw the woman they didn't care. When my little beauties started moaning the woman pulled her dress up to finger herself. I wanted to see what would happen if the woman tried to join them. An older women and two nymphs making love in the woods. The woman did approach the girls. They saw her watching and seemed to get louder. She went to her knees and caressed their backs like she'd found a treasure. The girls collapsed gasping and the woman leaned to my niece who was still on her hands and knees and shoved her face into her swollen snatch. I stood up and the woman spilled over ready to run. Here beauties I called in unison they said yes mommy. They ran to me each grabbing a leg and lifting my dress over them. When my panties slid off and the woman realized my girls heads were in my crotch she relaxed. She introduced herself as Clara and apologized for the mistake and said she'd love to have my girls come to her studio to be in her film. All they needed to do was what they just did. She explained the movie was women only mostly masturbating. She would compensate us for time. The girls agreed and later that week we drove to a mansion in the middle of nowhere. The girls were put in a room with a clear table in the middle and a crowd of women around. The got going right away with the girls on the table masturbating. Every woman was silent as they came kissing each other. Before they went down on each other two more girls came out. They were older than my beauties and beautiful. They paired up and two more girls came out. Another girl older than mine with a little girl that looked like her sister holding her hand. She had to be two years younger than mine. She stood watching till she was pulled in and lost. My baby's were perfect and when they paired with the youngest girl I could see women filming were fingering themselves. One more girl entered towards the end. Only this one was a fully formed gorgeous blonde woman. She brought out two dildos and two of the older girls shouted when they went inside. My girls sprawled in front and every thrust of the dildo slammed a tongue into their slits. The young girl had her head under the blonde licking. The girls getting slammed were shouting and the blonde joined them. The blonde groaned and drenched the tiny girl below her. Woman filming were cumming to. And when the two girls getting fingered finished my girls grabbed their hair and sunk their faces into their pussies. Everyone was surprised at how aggressive the girls were. They came together and everyone clapped. An attractive woman in her thirties ran to the table and started licking up the left over juices. Another woman took the youngest to the table and went down on her. I grabbed my girls and when we looked back about six men entered and had all the older girls from behind. While some were jacking off on the woman and the baby eating each out. Someone asked us to stay but we left anyways. As time passes the girls got boyfriends and we saw each less and less. Our niece is still close and sometimes we'll watch the video together and make love.

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    So difficult to read this without paragraph breaks (per instructions) that
    I got through one fourth then gave it up and wrote this comment.
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    A lot of fake bs
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    this got absurd

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